Who am I to speak on purpose?

Whenever I hear people speaking about a topic I like to know the history they share, personally, with the topic. This got me thinking, who am I to speak on purpose?

Ultimately, you’d like to know that somewhere along the line the Lord has directed me to this point, right? That would be my train of thought.

If you knew me, you’d know I struggled with this one. I’m a loner, someone who doesn’t naturally take to groups, don’t think I’ve made many major achievements in my life and yet the Lord is constantly calling me to write about purpose on my blog.

Then the Lord reminded me Abraham was called to leave everything he knew to walk out into the unknown to follow God and because he believed, God counted him as His friend. I absolutely want to be counted as the friend of God!!! My ultimate Purpose!!!

Where did that leave me, I had to ask God, what do I know about purpose and who am I to speak on purpose?


The Lord started to unravel my journey in my mind with me over the next couple of weeks and months.

I had a very conservative Christian upbringing, my parents like to say I was 3 days old in the church, which was true and definitely, entirely to my benefit, even though I was none the wiser at the time. They sometimes forget to mention that 3months later I nearly died from pneumonia, read my story here.


Our family like all families grew with the times, money became more available and we were able to do more things such as go on holiday and camping etc. Until, one day when I came home and our lives had turned upside down. My Dad had lost his job and things went from bad to worse within a couple of months. To make matters worse, my only confidant, my Gran on my Dad’s side of the family, had died the year before. I was alone.

In a family of 6 people and I lived silently in my head, all alone, unable to articulate all I felt and all that had already happened to me which I was only able to deal with later in life, I did the only thing I thought I could do, try to cling to what looked super fun, normal and the thing that would make me friends, make me feel good in-front of others.

I started smoking, this made me instantly cool and easily like-able, or so I thought. Turns out we were the wierdo, outcasts, but we thought we were cool, that’s all that mattered at the time. Suddenly we had people we appreciated and the feeling was mutual.

Self-abusive behaviour became the norm and the Christian life my parents wanted me to live and know became strange and vague to me. I felt distant from them and guilty because I knew I loved the Lord, I just didn’t know how to reconcile that with who I had to be to be loved and accepted by the world I had to live in daily.

The Purpose

Turns out the Lord has a purpose in everything in life. He has used this walk in more than many ways to draw me nearer to Him.
I ultimately met my man in this time and the Lord turned our lives around for His glory, to the point where we have 2 amazing children and we all, stumblingly, serve Him, daily.

The Lord put people on my path who helped me walk back to Him. While my parents prayed daily for me, the Lord also put other intercessors (everyday prayer warriors) on my path to bring me to a place where I can meet with Him, intentionally, personally and intimately and He changed me forever. If you’d like prayer or just want to chat through something, please contact me.

The use of Purpose

The Lord has used these incidents in my life to work with and change so many other people’s lives. We are not always aware of how God can use our lives to bring others nearer to Him. Simply sharing how my hubby and I, who now look like goodie two-shoe Christians, were spared the pain of smoking ourselves to death, changed a mans life and he, over 60years old quit smoking a few weeks later, because, now he realised he could. To God be the glory!!

There are times like accidents I’ve had where I should have been injured by a 15ton truck, others where my whole family could have died, but God said just go the other way and many of those incidents where, spending time with God now recently on the topic of purpose, I can see God’s Almighty hand in every aspect of life, I trust you will too, as we journey together. Love to hear your experiences.

If you don’t yet know God Almighty as your personal Lord and Saviour, please follow this prayer, finished already? You’ll get to know the only one who knows your purpose in life. Then send me a mail so I can pray for you. I look forward to hearing heaven applauding when we meet there!