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Let’s take a retro look

Tonight, as our dear President, his excellency, Mr. Ramaphosa, gave his announcement I felt great empathy for him. Visible tolls of the decision-making processes, planning and true deliberation of a good man on behalf of his countrymen. I can do little by saying thank you, Sir, and yet I would be remiss if I didn’t. Thank you, Sir.

Thank you for taking up the challenge when brought out at this time of crisis to stand strong for our nation, your nation, God’s people.

As I stood in my kitchen contemplating my little family. My mind was taken back to 2008, the big world wide economic crash. My hubby and I were newly weds, moved to Cape Town and it had taken me 3 years to finally find a permanent job in this new province. Everything went well, we went on our Christmas holiday in 2007 and came back expecting a fantastic year, I was calling in January to find out about deep sea diving courses we were going to take.

In June I became strangely ill, my doc decided it was food poisoning, but the nurses at our office knew better, first hand experience told them I was pregnant, took the test and voila! A baby girl… 5 months in, crisis hit the medical aid industry and everyone said they can never put you under retrenchment, you’re pregnant… turns out none of us had ever heard of LIFO (Last In First Out) policy of HR. Well, that was us, newly married, brand new job, finally pregnant, we had been trying for years and voila…retrenchment.

Many people asked how we would survive this unprecedented time in history with all the economies of the world crashing around us. We said, God will provide… On the day I spent cleaning out my baby girls room, painting it and marvelling at the generosity of God’s people… I looked around the room so overwhelmed… we had received everything in triplicate, from prams to cots to clothing and car chairs. Here we were, new business in the dining room, baby girl in the spare room and everything we could ever need provided by our heavenly Father.

So, if like me, tonight the announcement of an extended lock down had you in a momentary panic, look back and remember where God has brought you from.

Much love,

Asnee – Ordering Mayhem