My all-time favourite book on parenting has to still be Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp. This book changed my perspective, gave me hope that although I was brought up differently to what I probably should have been. I could do it differently through Christ who strengthens me, for my children.

Perfectionism is not in the bible

Even if I thought other people were brought up perfectly, they probably also should read the book, set a side some of the “I was raised that way and survived or came out close to perfect” emotional thought processing and come down to earth; where none of our opinions matter but our favourite Uncle Angus’s saying applies – “The bible says it, I believe it and that settles it” is all encompassing for every part and season of our lives.

A truly grounding book that realigns our understanding of how to look at life and our children. Very helpful and practical regarding discipline and behaviour as well.

You can buy the book through my affiliate link, if you still like my thinking after what you just read. I have decided I’m  not going to apologise for the candid nature of my thoughts. You are welcome to not read my blog, sorry to loose you and love to hear your constructive thoughts even if they are criticisms. I do truly believe perfectionism is not in the bible. I am not condoning tardiness or laziness but I am acutely aware that many people, like myself, come from a background where what is normal to perfectionists is not to us. I, for one, would love to achieve a beautiful, organised, successful home, but have no idea where or how to start.

One of the reasons for my blog is to hopefully get helpful input from the people around me, who do life so almost perfectly they look like saints to me and I must look awful to them. You may make your suggestions available here.

Hello world!

Walking and running in nature is one of my favourite downtimes.

I was blessed this morning by a friend who offered me to walk in their estate and shower at their place. Wow, what a spectacular place to be in. I was not aware that there was a game reserve in the estate and was so pleasantly surprised when I saw this friendly deer there to meet me.

I decided this is one of my favourite places to be, I will do something I’ve never done before. I took a selfie… yes I have taken them with my hubby or kids but we have to have a very good reason or we don’t just get snapping. But here it is. I decided to post it here. Why? I realised when I looked at the picture that I look very scared, anxious and not relaxed. I was so alarmed as I thought I was relaxing and having a great time in the outdoors.

I asked the Lord to show me what was really bothering me and He showed me that all the tension and social anxiety my kids are having is affecting me. I was then free to pray about these and felt very relieved to be able to and grateful the Lord showed me what was bothering me.

A song I’ve been enjoying that really brings me into the presence of God is a special one by Michael W. Smith – Surrounded.