Can you have antiques in your mind?

Set your thinking straight

Looking at all the antiques in our home today, I felt You, Lord, showed me that this is a beautiful way to remember the past, but actually You want me to celebrate the future!

That it is always necessary to acknowledge where you come from in order to identify where you are going, but our focus is not in or on the past. The past doesn’t identify us, merely shapes us but, where we are going is limited to the way in which we allow the Lord to break off those things that hold us back and submit to His will and His authority to shape and mould us into His pottery accomplishing His purpose.

Lord, that You want us to run the race forward to celebrate eternity to come and to forget and move forward from the sin, the bondage and the baggage of yesterday to keep us focused, light-footed and ready-for-anything, You may bring across our path to move us into a better tomorrow with the wide open spaces You have called us to.

How can we strengthen our stakes for tomorrow?

How can we lengthen our chords of family, friendship and community?

How can we stretch our tent curtains wide?

How can we stretch out to the right or to the left, subdue nations and call our enemies to be our footstools if we remain clung to, dedicated, rooted and held back by our past, or focused on, looking to and hoping for relationships and solutions looking at the past instead of keeping our eyes on the Hills and saying my hope is in the Lord my God, my help comes from the Lord my strength is in God, He alone is my Salvation, my Rock, my Strong Tower, I run to and into and find peace, Salvation and refuge in.

Thank You Jesus – Please keep my eyes on You, my Lord, my Rock, my Strong tower and Refuge. Amen

My Back was Healed

Back Ache

In another post I discussed miracles that have happened to me. Here I want to mention when my back was healed.

We were having a time of prayer and fasting and someone said, is there anyone who has back pain that needs to be healed. We were a small group of people, it was 05:30 in the morning and we came in for a special time of prayer and fasting. I thought nothing of it, really didn’t think they were speaking about me. Then I realised no one else was answering and I was wearing special shoes because of my back ache, it was so bad I couldn’t get through the day without these special shoes. I decided to swallow my pride and admit it was me. When they prayed for me I felt instant relief, but as the day went on and I was at work it started to feel much better, I couldn’t believe it!

I never went back to wearing high heels to work everyday, I never did daily, only on special occasions. Really never wore them again as much as I had as I thought that wouldn’t be wise. But my life really went back to normal, I could run, play sport, I was in no way injured anymore.

These are a few miracles that happened to me, I’d love to hear your experiences.

Unexpected Turns

Spiritual Growth

The spiritual goals I had set out for myself at the beginning of the year were really simple, almost… trivial goals. In comparison, the year the Lord had planned for me was much greater. You might remember them from my initial post on the year and the goals I had. The aim was to be more in tune with the Lord, more in tune with my relationship with the Lord and the purpose for which Jesus created me.

The year the Lord had planned for me was much greater

than anything I could ever have imagined. If you ask me, setting aside every agenda I ever had as far as growing spiritually and focusing my life on the Lord and all He wants from me was the best thing I could ever have done.  Not entirely sure why I’m saying that as though it was something that would surprise myself or you? I guess you could say that is almost what I expected, just on a much larger, greater scale.

The Lord spoke to me and reminded me of how He has personally touched me at times when I went to ladies meetings and no one physically came to pray for me but the Lord personally ministered to me. Then a few hours later my husband, God bless his soul, came and said to me you need to have a ladies tea. I told him what had gone through my mind earlier that day and realised it was the Lord speaking to us.

Great personal loss in our community

In our immediate community we had suddenly experienced a great deal of loss. Many parents and children had been tragically lost within the space of approximately 18 months and our community was left reeling. Parents and children alike were feeling insecure, unsure and the minute anyone became ill or admitted to hospital there was an almost unspoken panic.

Multiple tragedies

In this tragic time, a parent lost his life and I was personally acquainted with his wife. After this tragedy I was privileged to be on the team hosting a ladies tea in the community where we were able to minister to the ladies hearts concerning loss.

This is one of the most amazing privileges and most humbling experiences of my life. I am awe stricken when I think about the way this whole picture played out. From conception to realisation it took 3 weeks to put this tea together in a place, where, if it had not been the Lord’s doing or timing, we would not have even been able to see the people in charge of the community within that time frame, let alone arrange and accomplish all of this in His time.

All the glory and honour to God Almighty who is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine!

I have the privilege of praying with my friend who is a phenomenal prayer warrior with the most awesome authority given to her by God  and together we have prayed our community through this time of grieving and loss, we have had revelations of what to pray for and who, through the Lord’s leading and timing of everyday events making it clear to us what all the different issues are in our community to intercede for.

The Next 6 months

Promise of the next 6 months is also nothing short of amazing. I will keep updating here, but I will not go into detail as yet in case of any undoing of our plans. The Lord knows them and has them in His hands.

Purpose for my kids

Purpose for my kids

Becoming a parent was one of the most daunting things that I have ever experienced in my life! Would I be the right person to help figure out the purpose for my kids; and each uniquely?  I was so afraid that I would hurt them and end up wrecking their lives completely, how would I avoid that and would they survive being parented by someone like me, a severely fallen, fiery, broken human being?

Purpose for each individual

We all know that each individuals purpose is so completely unique but what I have recently discovered is that we tap into it in the same way.

Our very ingenious Creator, God Almighty, has given us each an identity that can most beneficially be discovered when we draw near to Him. Spending quiet, alone, reflective time with Him and He develops us so preciously!

Protecting our purpose

How do we teach our children to do this, I am still trying to figure this out. If you have any fantastic plans in this regard, I would love to hear them.

We have daily devotionals where we discuss what we read in the bible or a relevant book for the day or season we are in. Then we pray… nothing spectacular. The one thing we rely on completely is our comforter, our helper, our very present help in time of need, the Holy Spirit, to lead us into praying for our children and leading us in guiding them daily. The other very amazing gift we have today which wasn’t always available are the books people are writing. These authors are making their personal experiential knowledge freely available for us to tap into (how awesome!). People who have had generations of parents, grandparents and mentors praying for them who make this invaluable knowledge available, such as Mark Batterson, in his must read, Praying Circles around your Children, have had a tremendous impact on the way I see parenting.

It’s out of my hands

It’s not even slightly up to me. It completely rests on the plans and purposes God has set out for them and my responsibility to pray for them. But the Holy Spirit does the work; there in lies my security. I can trust God to work out His plans while I obey His manuscript on how to teach and lead by example.

Let’s keep praying; the only way to stand in this world is keep kneeling.

You can order the e-book through my affiliate link with Amazon here.

Purpose came to me!

Mayhem and Chaos

Mayhem and chaos reigned in my heart and mind until I could take it no longer, I needed a solution. I craved purpose from my mayhem.

I decided that I have tried literally everything to have a fun-filled enjoyable life. None of it worked, I remained hurting and lost.

Nothing could truly fill the chasm I had in my heart. I was broken on the inside and everything hurt. Running from the pain was all I could do to keep myself from dealing with it. Like the prodigal son, I would do all I could to have fun, there was no limit. I eventually found myself at the end of my road . Every bridge I had known was burnt. Following every avenue I had lived every option out. I was trying to find if there was a life better than the Christian life my parents had taught me. Thoughts of there must be some kind of happiness in the world went through my mind and went looking for it everywhere!

Surprised, I arrived back home with my parents. I found all the peace, love and tranquility I had really wanted was what the people in their church had.

Purpose from my Mayhem

My parents are not perfect, none of us are. But they led the way for me to find Jesus Christ for myself. It wasn’t at that time. It still took me many years to really choose Him and go to church. That was the beginning of my desire to find Him.

I had grown up in church with parents who loved the Lord and showed me His ways the best they could.

The Change Came

My life changed entirely the day I decided to take the bible seriously and allow Jesus Christ to be the Lord and Saviour of my life.

Even then I didn’t believe in making deals with the Lord, I thought it dangerous at best. That being said, I had seen a sign for a church on the way to work everyday, and as I later told the pastor that sign called my name for many months, until late one Saturday night I said: ‘Lord, if you want me to go to that church in the morning then you wake me up in time to get ready.’

True as bob the next morning at 06:30 I couldn’t sleep anymore, there I lay thinking, is it me or did You wake me up to go? I got up, went and had a ball, I never looked back. Those people took me in as if I was one of their own. They knew I was broken. Definitely I knew I was in no great shape, but man they helped me walk that walk! I am so thankful to God everyday for the way He lead me to their building and closer to Him. I had some Holy Spirit encounters there with Him that I’ve never had again, but I am trusting for more, always, everyday trusting for more of Him and His ever-lasting peace that surpasses all understanding.


If you want that relationship with God that brings you peace with Him, peace, yourself the things you’ve done and the people around you no matter how impossible it seems. I have had to forgive my parents and many relatives, I have had to ask for much forgiveness. In my brokenness I have hurt many people, but with God all things are possible. Back to my point, if you would like peace to reign in your life, please read this prayer, (finished reading it already?) don’t leave it there. Go to a local church or trusted friend. Tell them of your commitment to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and ask for a bible to read on your own. Read it daily, pray daily for a closer relationship with Him, He will lead you and guide you, trust Him. You will find, as did I, Purpose from my Mayham came when I allowed Him, the Lord Jesus Christ to be the master of my life, sounds hard, it’s so simple.