What the Lord’s saying to me, when I am weak.

This is a post from earlier in 2018, when I was really struggling with health issues, taking it day by day and literally moment by moment.

I look at my life and feel I am weak, I am broken, I am unable to pull all the parts of my life together, I feel challenged on every level, I don’t know how to cope with things and the Lord is just saying to me rest in me, the Lord said your pieces are all resting in me, I am the glue that sticks all your pieces together, you just need to rest and be who you are, who I am making you to be and all your broken-ness comes together and becomes beautiful when you rest in me and I hold it all together. Thank you Lord that You hold it all in Your hands, thank You Lord that You have it all together. Thank You Lord.

Can you have antiques in your mind?

Set your thinking straight

Looking at all the antiques in our home today, I felt You, Lord, showed me that this is a beautiful way to remember the past, but actually You want me to celebrate the future!

That it is always necessary to acknowledge where you come from in order to identify where you are going, but our focus is not in or on the past. The past doesn’t identify us, merely shapes us but, where we are going is limited to the way in which we allow the Lord to break off those things that hold us back and submit to His will and His authority to shape and mould us into His pottery accomplishing His purpose.

Lord, that You want us to run the race forward to celebrate eternity to come and to forget and move forward from the sin, the bondage and the baggage of yesterday to keep us focused, light-footed and ready-for-anything, You may bring across our path to move us into a better tomorrow with the wide open spaces You have called us to.

How can we strengthen our stakes for tomorrow?

How can we lengthen our chords of family, friendship and community?

How can we stretch our tent curtains wide?

How can we stretch out to the right or to the left, subdue nations and call our enemies to be our footstools if we remain clung to, dedicated, rooted and held back by our past, or focused on, looking to and hoping for relationships and solutions looking at the past instead of keeping our eyes on the Hills and saying my hope is in the Lord my God, my help comes from the Lord my strength is in God, He alone is my Salvation, my Rock, my Strong Tower, I run to and into and find peace, Salvation and refuge in.

Thank You Jesus – Please keep my eyes on You, my Lord, my Rock, my Strong tower and Refuge. Amen