Packing up the winter of your life!

Tonight, while packing up my kitchen, I was putting away all the cooking equipment you would use for cold winter days… while packing them in, I thought it feels like I’m packing up winter… then I felt the Lord saying, “You are, you are packing up the winter of your life. You are packing away the parts that have hurt you and all the time it took to renew and repair you and now is the time for you to start shining. Now is the time for you to take your stand in this world full of pain, hurt and disappointment, you are going to shine like a star. Not for the world, not for man’s approval and accolades, you are going to stand for Me, in Me, showing only Me off to the rest of the world.

Asnee, I am packing up the winter of your world, where you already had all the tragedies, traumas, assaults and abuses done to you before the age of 17, I have spent the last 24 years healing, repairing and restoring you. I have told you since you moved from Cape Town 10 years ago, that I am sending you here to reconnect with family, reconcile and I will teach and train you in order to send you out into the mission field.

The mission field is starting to look very different to what you would have expected it, had this lock down never changed it.

Jesus, my Saviour! 2005

In the same way I was transported to the heavenlies in my previous vision, while we lived in Cape Town, in another home, I was praising and worshipping God and while singing about wanting to see His face. All of a sudden, completely out of the blue there before my eyes was the Saviour! He stood immediately in front of me, it felt as if I would lift my hand and touch His face… with His eyes burning like fire, His hair beautiful and shoulder length brown with a slight wave and His face the most majestic I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing; and that was the thing, I knew Him, it wasn’t that I had just seen Him, I already knew Him, even though it was the first time I laid eyes on Him, I knew Him intimately and He looked at me so tenderly, lovingly and full of kindness and mercy… Once again, I felt unworthy and that the Lord was wanting to tell me something but I never trusted myself to ask Him what, as I felt I wasn’t worthy of His visitation and unsure of the reason, so I never mentioned it again, until in 2016 the Lord had “Uncle Angus” read it out aloud over the radio. If you look it up today, you should be able to find it on the internet and listen to the beautiful description of “The Man from Galilee” as read by Angus Buchan. It’s an atheist who lived in Jesus’ day and wrote this description, better than I can, but caused me to pull off the road in tears of repentance as I realised I had been running away from the Lord, as He had visited me and I had been in disbelief. I repented and it renewed my estranged relationship with the Lord, I wasn’t mad, He was actually revealing Himself and all these other visions to me.

What does He want from me, how will this benefit those around me, I’m still asking, but at least I no longer run away from God, I have learnt to trust Him, draw near and run with what He is showing me and where He leads me.

Throne room vision – 2005

While I was in praise and worship at home in my spare room, the Lord transported me into the throne room of grace and there before me was again that beautiful inexplicable throne room. So beautiful and bright, the most golden yellow light you have ever seen! The light was emanating but not from up above like in the sky it was just everywhere, no one needed to tell you this was the glory of the Living God, you just knew it to be that, a sort of intrinsic knowing. This time I was not looking into the throne room from a side view as if on the side of the room (as in my first vision), I was in the room at the back approaching the throne from within the room, but not currently approaching, currently I was standing observing as if I had been moving into the room and was now soaking up all that I saw, even though the vision was cut short due to my fear and misunderstanding and probably only lasted a minute or 2. There, before me, on the throne was The Father, He was seated in the High place. There beside Him were the pots of burning fire that burnt continually day and night, an everlasting fire. There beside the Lord were beings, I didn’t look long enough to recognise them, but each was carrying out His instruction and attending to the Lord and His every request was being carried out, without it being spoken that I could hear. They just went about their tasks and you knew they were carrying out the Father’s will, undeniably, accepting that He is the Master and doing as He said. There was The Father, seated on the throne and behind Him the most beautiful board, almost like a head board behind the throne filling the room with the reflection coming from it. I was aware of it but didn’t spend time looking at it. There in-front of the throne was our dear Lord Jesus Christ, standing before The Father in His most Awesome robe, the robe of His majesty and the train of His robe filled the temple with glory indeed! It came down and along, if you can imagine a carpet coming down the middle of the room, it was flowing over that carpet and halfway down the hall. At the end of that robe was me… wow… what was I doing here? I am not worthy to be in Your temple, I am not worthy to be taken up into the Holy of Holies, what was I doing here? It couldn’t be! It was too good to be true… God… my Lord Jesus… the unmistakable Saviour of the world, couldn’t possibly want me in the same room with Him? I got scared and instead of staying to see what the Lord would say or do, I got a fright and left and continued running from the Lord, I had a feeling that He would have something wonderful for me to do, but possibly He had the wrong person, it couldn’t possibly be me? But almost exactly 10years later the Lord took me back to that place and said I want you to take hold of that robe that fills the temple with glory and as I did He transferred to me all that He had promised me in such a beautiful and restorative way, washing over me His goodness, grace, loving-kindness and mercy, but most of all His loving peace, it filled my heart never to be the same again. He is faithful to accomplish all He has promised always. Trust Him, thank Him, lean on Him.

Map of South Africa – 2004

It was a few months between my first vision and the next vision I had. I was learning about the Lord and His ways from these beautiful people, who knew how to do community better than most and we all know that can’t be taught, it can only be caught by courageous leaders living it out as an example for us. I just carried on with daily life and did everything I could to come under any and all training to draw nearer to the Lord, God, Almighty!

The next vision I remember seeing is the one I had in 2004. Our same church had decided we were going to embark on some praying and fasting and I was there most mornings as a part of this praying and fasting to pray with my community. It was a special time and brought us all together in a unique manner. While praying one morning the Lord showed me a picture, clear as day almost as if on a transparent map hanging directly in-front of me. I quite literally remember that I was pacing the room praying, as you do when in intensive prayer moments and the Lord stopped me in my tracks while pacing the room and I looked up in response. There in-front of me was the map of the world but Africa was large and the most prevalent on the map, with South Africa right in front of my face and in the middle there was a burning fire, almost like a blob of fire and the fire started in the middle and spread, first to the bottom, then back up and around, in what looked like random ways spotting all through South Africa, then up into Africa and out into the nations of the world in the most magnificent ways, spreading like a wild fire, but I knew immediately and exactly what it meant by the revelation of the Holy Spirit, and the Lord spoke to me there and then, saying, “No longer will they call Africa, deepest darkest Africa, for out of Africa and specifically, South Africa will come a revival fire that will spread throughout the whole world. It will start, (and this is the funny part because a lady prophet I once knew said the Lord always shows us in things we know nothing about) I had to ask God, when describing the vision to those around me, where in South Africa this fire had started. I could make out that it was in the middle and that it was actually close to the middle of South Africa, but you see Geography is the only subject I have actually failed a term of, at school. As I asked, the Lord immediately said Bloemfontein. Now that made perfect sense to me at the time because Bloemfontein was the place where our church held Leadership Training Times (or L.T.T’s as they were commonly known.), I said in Bloemfontein, then move down and around the country of South Africa and then out into Africa, on into other nations of Africa and then it will even jump into other continents, other countries of the world and touch and reach the other countries of the world, changing the world as the fire of revival spreads. Now the Lord told me, “No longer will they call Africa deepest darkest Africa, no longer must we call Africa, deepest darkest Africa, because the Lord has set His fire alight in Africa and the nations will be changed through what has started in Africa. The way the world sent missionaries into Africa, so now Africa will be sending the missionaries out into the world. We will no longer be calling it deepest darkest Africa, for Africa will be ignited with the power and revival fire of the living God.”

Dear reader, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I am one of the most privileged people alive in the world today. I had this vision in 2004. I had no idea that many years, a marriage and 2 children later, I would have the privilege of living the reality of this vision in attending the only 1 million strong prayer meeting in modern history, you guessed it, in Bloemfontein. And by the miraculous power of the One true Living God, no one in the world, when watching us come together to pray, not one asked to which God will they pray, they each knew instinctively the God of South Africa is the only true God! To God be the glory!

Angel cleansing our lips for His renown – 2004

The first public vision I had was during one of my first visits to what would soon become my own local church. I had been serving the Lord quietly and at home for about a year until the Lord called me on multiple occasions to attend a local church. It took a few months for me to get the courage to join them. When I finally did, they would be the people I refer to, lovingly, as my first church, the first church that I chose to be my leaders and the church that went on to baptise me and marry my husband and I, so, we are forever connected to them in the most precious way.

While we were worshipping the Lord showed me a picture of (I think an angel or cherubim, I am not so clear on the difference), flying down clearly from the throne room of grace, I was looking into and could see into the throne room of grace. There was The Father, sitting on His throne, robed in majesty, the light of His Kingdom was a magnificent, yellow light that glowed with warmth, peace, tranquillity and love, you could feel the love in the light, that was the magnificent part. I could see into the throne-room and watched the angel descending from heaven with a coal in the tongs, carrying it to me, as if on instruction from the Lord. The coal came from a fire that was burning in a golden pot at the side of the throne, one on the left and one on the right, this coal was taken from the pot on the right of The Father. As the angel descended, with the coal in the tongs he headed straight for me, he didn’t waiver looking either to the left or right, back or downwards, he came straight to me as if on specific assignment. He came to me with his tongs and that burning hot coal and he placed it on my lips and I never flinched, never tried to move away, I knew I wanted him to touch my lips with it, it was what the Lord was calling me to. A deeper level of intimacy with Him a deeper understanding of Him and His love for me and those around me. When the angel had done what he set out to, he immediately returned without any conversation or instructions to me and the Lord said to me, “Sometimes, when I cleanse your lips, it hurts, and it can be uncomfortable, but it is for your own betterment and a deeper more intimate relationship with me.”