About Ordering Mayhem

How I got here

I spent a while thinking about how I got to the point where I finally decided my life-long dream of writing was important enough to follow, when I remembered a couple of key incidents pertinent to this reality as we now see it.


At the beginning of 2017 everytime I took my boy to pre-school I would start to cry at the entrance of the school. After a month and a full check up from the doc, I thought, let me ask You, Lord, why I’m crying, what is this? At the entrance to the school the Lord said to me, “It is for this generation you are crying, they face the hardest times, the world you live in will not be the world they live in and you need to start praying for them.”

I started asking my friends and family to pray as I felt necessary and what the Lord was putting on my heart. This led to myself and some friends praying for our kids weekly at my kids school and the journey has been amazing, the Lord has used us in amazing ways to His glory!

As well as this, I was led by the Lord to ask someone their name and when it was David, I asked him if he knew where his name came from… and he did, but when I asked him if he read his bible he said no, he didn’t have one. (Having recently spoken to my hubby about the fact that people need bibles and we need to provide these for them), I asked if I could get him one. He agreed and when I brought it to him, I asked if I could pray for him, and again, he agreed. Well I thought nothing more of it.

Bear with me, this is the last thing linked to my story… I was at my kids school and saw one of the carguards there and he was very down and I asked if  I could pray with him. We prayed and I thought nothing of it.

Then I had my sudden health scare you can read about it here. 

In that week, these 2 David’s I had prayed for (yes, both their names were David, what are the chances?), who co-incidentally happen to both be car guards, came and told me how their lives had turned around since I prayed for them. Well, I noticed a trend and followed the Holy Spirit’s leading to buying bibles for more people and praying with them and the testimonies continue. All praise be to God!! This is where we birthed our “One soul one bible” campaign, you can read about it here.(Insert link)


Trusting the Lord daily to lead me through the word and giving me inspiration to pray for the right people at the right time, I have felt the need to blog through all these experiences. Some, of course, being very private, won’t make these pages, but others, are such common daily experiences, or just me trying to navigate the mayhem of my own daily life; that they could relate to many, or just the Lord highlighting things in a new way and letting me communicate it here… this is what has given birth to Ordering Mayhem

I’d love to come and share with you some of my life experiences or what the Lord is saying to me now. May sound vain, but the Lord has been downloading so many things to me in the last 2 years and I am bursting to tell the world. Let me know if you would like me to come and speak at your women’s event, church conference or informal occassions, my favourite topic is His purpose. In case you were interested when this all started I asked the Lord what is the purpose of me praying for people and writing and the Lord simply said, “That at the Name of Jesus, every knee would bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Thanks, look forward to meeting in person.





God's awesome grace through our potential mess