Whose scarlet ribbon can you be, this week?

This morning as I sit looking out over a new athletics field, I sit looking out into the vista of new mountain ranges, I sit looking into a sea of new faces I feel the Lord say, “even though it’s all new to you, I knew it was there before and I foreknew these plans for you. I knew there was this place hidden neatly by the crook of the mountain, in plain sight and out of the distraction of the world, a small hide away where your children could be little people for just that little bit longer. You see the world wants them to rush out and grow up, be a man, be a woman, be something amazing, be something interesting. I want them to grow slowly, learn to be strong, learn to grow love for the Father, love for the Son and in love with the Spirit and as we are 3 in 1 so, your little people, will grow strong, slowly, purposefully and become someone special, unique that will change their world for me, as I have changed their world for them to be who they were born to be.”

Father God all I can say is thank you. You promised us a soft landing, you promised us a gentle community, you promised us good start here in Cape Town and that is what is has been, a good start.
Has it been hecticly busy, yes, have their been hard days with tears and playground issues… oh yes, you better believe it… days of mom my clothes aren’t ready and I forgot I need this today, yes… but those don’t determine the good. The good is determined by meeting gracious teachers, meeting kind staff, meeting friendly and generous parents and the kids meeting people they can connect with.
God has put these scarlet ribbons through the threads of our days…
Wherever you go, this week, whatever problems you encounter, try to remember to look for the scarlet ribbon thread throughout and appreciate them, tell them what it means to you that they have crossed your path. Better yet, let’s be each other’s scarlet ribbons who knows, you may be the silk lining that holds someone to the point where life can be bearable just one more day.

My kids had been at this new school just 2 days and it was all too much for me. I was having a hard day when I parked my car outside the school and got out to meet the face of an old friend. Well, I had no idea she was here, she thought I might be here and there we were face to face on what could have been the hardest day I was facing. Now, I’m telling you what I said to her, I could have parked in any 3 places in the school but I parked and got out of the car next to her. “There are no coincidences with God.” Let me just say it again, there are no coincidences with God. His timing is perfect His plans are perfect He laces the scarlet ribbons on your path exactly when and where you need them… He will carry you… never doubt always trust… Prov 3:5-6 even when you can’t see, especially when  you can’t see remember He can… we don’t have the answers but we live in the heart of Him who does… much love and God bless