Who are the waters you are Shiloah to?

I always loved the story of Jesus telling the blind man to wash in the pool called Siloam. John 9:6-7 ‘When He had said these things, He spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva; and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay. And He said to him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam” (which is translated, Sent). So he went and washed, and came back seeing.’

This morning while reading in Isaiah, I read an interesting scripture and decided to look up the actual word used. Isaiah 8:6 ‘Because this people has rejected the gently flowing waters of Shiloah..’

Turns out Siloam and Shiloah are of the same Hebrew root word… (I always think, wow that’s amazing, how does this person know that, but actually it’s really simple in the dictionary, I am no scholar, please don’t feel intimidated.)

Now there are no coincidences with God, that I can assure you, everything you see and hear in the Bible was put there specifically and purposefully to be discovered if we want to read and MINE the treasures that God is waiting for us to uncover there!

Guys this word that God uses here in the Old Testament to tell us the Israelites were neglecting their relationship with Him, and the word Jesus used to tell the blind man in the New Testament, the name of the pool where he was to wash is so much more than the name of a pool, so much more than the name’s immediate translation, given here as ‘Sent’.

This funny word in itself a juxtaposition meaning both ‘a missile of attack’, ‘a sword’, a ‘weapon’, and ‘to send away’, ‘far’ and a further juxtaposition of it’s meaning, that it means both ‘wealth’ as well as ‘to be free’ and then reflexively to cry for help ‘to call for help’, ‘cry’, ‘cry out’, ‘cry aloud’ and/or ‘shout’, ‘missile of attack’, ‘sword’, ‘weapon.

So we can read this in such a spectacular way, that when the Israelites rejected the gently flowing waters, we can say that they didn’t see their place to cry out for help in this intimate way. We can simultaneously see that the blind beggar Jesus had met and placed mud on his eyes, had the choice to go and cry out for his help at the pool of Siloam or to reject the Lord’s invitation to help him and thus intimacy with the Lord would have been lost and ultimately his healing wouldn’t have occurred.

We can see that the Israelites could have chosen the wealth of the intimacy where their help would have come from, even in the form of a gentle flowing waters, but they rejected it… sometimes I reject God’s help because I feel as though I need to see Him working in a powerful and majestic way, and yet I see His loving gentle hand, what I don’t know is that on the other side the enemy and opposition see Him as the ‘missile of attack’, ‘sword’, ‘weapon’ and are terrified.

I got to thinking about this funny word, we in English can’t understand a word with so many, seemingly opposing root definitions. My family and I were ‘Sent’ to Cape Town. I said ‘Sent’. We didn’t arrive here plan-less and un-knowingly/unwittingly, before we came the Lord told us several times in several different manners that we were being ‘Sent’ to Cape Town. One root definition of our word is ‘Sent’, so I got to thinking, this word ‘sword’, ‘missile of attack’, ‘send’, ‘send away’, ‘far’, ‘appoint’, ‘bring’, ‘bring on the way’, ‘cast’, ‘cast away’, ‘conduct’, ‘earnestly’, ‘forsake’, ‘give’, ‘give up’…

And yet in Isaiah 8:6 it is used to refer to ‘gently flowing waters’, or ‘waters that go softly’

This makes me think, when the Lord ‘Sends’ us, He uses us as a gently flowing stream, which, simultaneously works as His direct ‘missile of attack’ through which He can ‘conduct’ His perfect Love which is the ‘appointment’ He has called us to ‘bring on the way’ of those He ‘Sent’ us to, in order for them to ‘cast away’ the old, casting it ‘far’ away from them, ‘forsaking’ all else, as the Father is the only one that can Love us so completely that all else pales in comparison. Father will use us as the ‘gently flowing waters’ of the ‘missile’ of Love He has ‘Sent’ us to others to conduct ‘earnestly’ ‘away’ from their old life in order to ‘forsake’ all else, give themselves up for Him and give up all the world and it’s pleasures to seek Him.

Who are the waters you are Shiloah to?

P.S. I have placed the words of the definition in ‘inverted’ comma’s to highlight them, in order for us to see the way the Lord flows, creatively, dramatically and interwoven-ly in and through the small, big, important daily moments and movements of our lives. While we focus on Him, He will achieve all His plans and purposes, we need only trust, surrender and dance His way… or should I say trip… trickle and splutter under His guidance as the streams of life do when surrendered to Him.