God’s Timing is not our timing

It’s always amazing to me to look back and see how God’s timing is never our timing.

I remember 2 or 3 years ago when the Lord called home my first Pastor, I so struggled with it. I struggled with the timing, I struggled with was it really necessary to do this to his wife, I know his children for the most part are married with their own children but each family has a ‘certain need’ of their own and this unique family does too.

I asked God was it necessary to take him at a time that seemed so soon to us. Naturally my immature, human-minded thinking wasn’t answered the way I asked it. God’s ways are not ours… (thank You Lord!)

Instead the Lord answered me with a bit of a revelation which seems to keep unfolding, as only those nuggets from the Lord can.

One day while driving into my children’s school grounds (I’m a serious creature of habit) I came to park in my favourite space in the yard and saw that they had chopped down my favourite tree. Now, (real confession time today) I am very closely attached to my comfort levels as well, so this meant my car would bake in the beautiful African sun and that would just not do, so I was having this ‘first world problem conversation’ with the Lord when He said to me, ‘Why don’t you open your eyes Asnée and see it for what it is?’ And I thought, ‘well except for major inconvenience what could it possibly be?’

The Lord showed me that instead of being a huge inconvenience He was using this tiny situation to show me that when He calls home the elect, there are things we have been learning and leaning on them for, which, now, if we allow Him, He calls us to step out in faith to practice for ourselves. Out from under their covering He places us completely under His mantle to do, again, that which they have taught us to do and to teach it on to the next generation, like so many before us. If we will not step out, they will learn from the world, from the culture… not from Him

Now, perhaps, like me, you’re a bit of a creature of habit, or, like me, a comfort zone keeper, and you’re not ready to accept that the time has come to step out into the wild blue yonder, but this morning the Lord reminded me of this and He said, Asnée, my timing is not your timing and perhaps I have called you for such a time as this?

Perhaps all the days in your life have been leading up to this time when I expect you to shine.
Perhaps it’s the same for you, perhaps all the pillars of strength in your life that you used to rely on for comfort, friendship and everyday life have been removed in some way or another, God knows you are ready, get into alignment with Him, His word and find comfort, strength, purpose and divine empowerment from Him as you step into the relationship with Him He has planned for you and His plans and purposes will unfold naturally as a result! Blessings!