Christians WAKE UP!!! We are church!!

Christians, Christians, Christians WE NEED TO WAKE UP!!!

People, God is not dead, the devil is trying to seperate us with this ‘virus/pandemic’ keeping us from church.

I was at a service today and while there, singing with others around me, all in unison raising our voices, “Way maker, miracle worker,” it dawned on me, people we are testifying to each other, this is so powerful. Each of us is telling of the sweet and mighty Jesus who has been the one to walk us through loss, walk us through valleys, walk us through dark days, bringing us to the light, bringing us to Himself, where He and He alone carries our burden, but we each carry each other to the cross, to His feet to meet Him face to face and place our heaviness there.

It is in the testifying, it is in the telling, it is in the declaring. Whether in song or words the greatness of our God that we have experienced where we bring each other to the feet of our Saviour without having to each individually speak to one another. Being one in spirit while worshipping our Lord and praising Him, lifting up His Name until we ourselves enter His courts, here is where the enemy is afraid of us, here, we know no bounds, here we are transformed into mighty prayer warriors where battles are won in the heavenlies! Oh my dear friends, we as Christians, we have our greatest work yet to do, but we can’t do it standing by idly watching politicians decide when and where we can have church, we can’t do it standing by idly waiting for permission to go to church, worship or testify and declare the praises of Almighty God, oh NO!! We need to stand at this time more than any.

Have we forgotten, WE ARE THE CHURCH!
Am I advocating civil unrest, no, never, I don’t think this is necessary, in fact I think that if we, THE CHURCH, could stand up and be counted we would be able to bring about change that needs no civil unrest!

What am I saying? HAVE CHURCH!!

Have church wherever you are, wherever you go, with whomever you speak… ask… seek… knock… for opportunities to be THE CHURCH wherever, however and with whomever!
I’ve started witnessing what the Lord put on my heart for certain individuals to them, as the Lord showed me to, and that is how I started speaking to people, car guards (as the Lord leads, not everyone is ready), security guards, petrol attendants and post office clerks, grocery store clerks, each one as the Lord leads, it may not be daily, it may be daily, take it as the Lord leads you but leave no stone unturned getting the gospel into every nook and cranny, THERE IS NO MORE TIME!! WE NEED TO SPEAK… AND NOW!!
The early CHURCH did this and turned the world upside down! We, the church, are so thickly covered across the globe now, that we ought to turn the world upside down, merely by praying for each other and those within our immediate vicinity.
Let’s get on our knees and ask the Lord what He wants from EACH OF US and how to pray for each person He lays on our hearts (we make up the church, we’ve always said, ‘it’s dangerous to see the church as a place or building’, now we know why). We never know what He has in store and we never know when, how or who He will use to spread His gospel, His way. “Oh God make us obedient, especially me!! Thank You, Father!”

I asked the Lord, what do You want to say to us, Father? He said:
“I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron.” Isaiah 45:2 Now the mountains, gates and bars of iron spoken of here are not literal, they are figurative, meaning, God will go before us, prepare the hearts of the lost, hurting and broken, we need only ask… seek… knock… He has the plans and purposes for those around us, guess what, if we don’t speak to them, God will open someone else’s heart to speak to them and you will loose the joy of knowing you have done what you were born to do… speak Jesus everywhere we go, everything we do, speak Jesus, there are children born today in parts of the world whose parents are third generation pagan and have never seen Jesus before on paper… hard to comprehend here in South Africa, but this is the world our kids are growing into, let’s speak Jesus… before we know it our kids will only speak Jesus… how awesome would it be if we had to stop and wait at a supermarket, bus stop, coffee shop because our kids were speaking Jesus to someone…

God is good, we may not have churches but WE HAVE CHURCH, we’re it! If we keep silent the rocks will cry out!!!
Luke 19:39-40 ‘Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!”
“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”’