Throne room vision – 2005

While I was in praise and worship at home in my spare room, the Lord transported me into the throne room of grace and there before me was again that beautiful inexplicable throne room. So beautiful and bright, the most golden yellow light you have ever seen! The light was emanating but not from up above like in the sky it was just everywhere, no one needed to tell you this was the glory of the Living God, you just knew it to be that, a sort of intrinsic knowing. This time I was not looking into the throne room from a side view as if on the side of the room (as in my first vision), I was in the room at the back approaching the throne from within the room, but not currently approaching, currently I was standing observing as if I had been moving into the room and was now soaking up all that I saw, even though the vision was cut short due to my fear and misunderstanding and probably only lasted a minute or 2. There, before me, on the throne was The Father, He was seated in the High place. There beside Him were the pots of burning fire that burnt continually day and night, an everlasting fire. There beside the Lord were beings, I didn’t look long enough to recognise them, but each was carrying out His instruction and attending to the Lord and His every request was being carried out, without it being spoken that I could hear. They just went about their tasks and you knew they were carrying out the Father’s will, undeniably, accepting that He is the Master and doing as He said. There was The Father, seated on the throne and behind Him the most beautiful board, almost like a head board behind the throne filling the room with the reflection coming from it. I was aware of it but didn’t spend time looking at it. There in-front of the throne was our dear Lord Jesus Christ, standing before The Father in His most Awesome robe, the robe of His majesty and the train of His robe filled the temple with glory indeed! It came down and along, if you can imagine a carpet coming down the middle of the room, it was flowing over that carpet and halfway down the hall. At the end of that robe was me… wow… what was I doing here? I am not worthy to be in Your temple, I am not worthy to be taken up into the Holy of Holies, what was I doing here? It couldn’t be! It was too good to be true… God… my Lord Jesus… the unmistakable Saviour of the world, couldn’t possibly want me in the same room with Him? I got scared and instead of staying to see what the Lord would say or do, I got a fright and left and continued running from the Lord, I had a feeling that He would have something wonderful for me to do, but possibly He had the wrong person, it couldn’t possibly be me? But almost exactly 10years later the Lord took me back to that place and said I want you to take hold of that robe that fills the temple with glory and as I did He transferred to me all that He had promised me in such a beautiful and restorative way, washing over me His goodness, grace, loving-kindness and mercy, but most of all His loving peace, it filled my heart never to be the same again. He is faithful to accomplish all He has promised always. Trust Him, thank Him, lean on Him.