Angel cleansing our lips for His renown – 2004

The first public vision I had was during one of my first visits to what would soon become my own local church. I had been serving the Lord quietly and at home for about a year until the Lord called me on multiple occasions to attend a local church. It took a few months for me to get the courage to join them. When I finally did, they would be the people I refer to, lovingly, as my first church, the first church that I chose to be my leaders and the church that went on to baptise me and marry my husband and I, so, we are forever connected to them in the most precious way.

While we were worshipping the Lord showed me a picture of (I think an angel or cherubim, I am not so clear on the difference), flying down clearly from the throne room of grace, I was looking into and could see into the throne room of grace. There was The Father, sitting on His throne, robed in majesty, the light of His Kingdom was a magnificent, yellow light that glowed with warmth, peace, tranquillity and love, you could feel the love in the light, that was the magnificent part. I could see into the throne-room and watched the angel descending from heaven with a coal in the tongs, carrying it to me, as if on instruction from the Lord. The coal came from a fire that was burning in a golden pot at the side of the throne, one on the left and one on the right, this coal was taken from the pot on the right of The Father. As the angel descended, with the coal in the tongs he headed straight for me, he didn’t waiver looking either to the left or right, back or downwards, he came straight to me as if on specific assignment. He came to me with his tongs and that burning hot coal and he placed it on my lips and I never flinched, never tried to move away, I knew I wanted him to touch my lips with it, it was what the Lord was calling me to. A deeper level of intimacy with Him a deeper understanding of Him and His love for me and those around me. When the angel had done what he set out to, he immediately returned without any conversation or instructions to me and the Lord said to me, “Sometimes, when I cleanse your lips, it hurts, and it can be uncomfortable, but it is for your own betterment and a deeper more intimate relationship with me.”