Black hole in the inner chamber

This week at church the Lord showed me a picture during worship. You need to know that we had about 45min of praying in the Spirit and free worship, this was the most tangible presence of God I have felt in a group of people for sometime.

I asked the Lord, ‘why do I feel as though I’m never totally submitting, allowing You to control my entire being, like when people fall over from the touch of the Holy Spirit. I feel I’ll nearly fall down but then I resist it?’

The Lord showed me a picture of a grey smallish room and I immediately understood it to be the inner chambers of my heart. There in the back left corner was a dark spot, on inspecting it I found that it was a hole in my heart. The Lord said ‘these are the pains, rejections, hurts, neglect and abandonments in your life that you have not let go of. While you’re holding onto them you are allowing that hole to continue to grow or remain active.’

God: ‘Now, the question is what will you do with all that pain?’

Me: ‘but Lord I have forgiven them,’

God: ‘yes, but you haven’t released them of the burden of what they’ve done to you and until you do you will remain with a hole in your heart, that everytime my glory comes it pours through the back door in your heart and I can’t help you, to fill you up, because you have allowed that back door to remain and for it to have full authority to the access of all I am doing in your life, by holding tightly to the reigns of authority of the blame and guilt and shame of what these people have done to you. Let go, let My Spirit in, completely, fully, entirely surrendering can only come once you have released your hold on all the things around you that keep you under the authority of the world and the things around you. The things of this world have no authority over you unless you give them the reigns. Those reigns you are holding, let them go into My Presence and I will continue to deal with those as I see fit. Give your full surrender to me and I will close the hole in your heart, as you have now given me permission to do and I will fill your cup to overflowing!’

Prayer I prayed now, today as I was writing this:

‘Please God, help me to relinquish into your hands every person that has ever hurt, neglected, abandoned, rejected, abused or in anyway wronged me and help me to release them, the memory of all they’ve done and the deep hurt, pain, shame and rejection to you. Amen’

Thank You Lord, I receive,

I trust this will help someone else as well! God Bless!