Good Morning, 2020!!

1 January, 2020

This morning while looking out at the sea, I saw one of my favourite sights. I love watching these sunrays, when the sky is filled with clouds and suddenly you see this ray of sun beaming through directly targetting a single area.

I saw, far out over the sea, a beautiful narrow sunray bursting through the clouds, against all the odds this tiny piece of sun was making itself known. Directly in the middle there was a little cloud, perfectly tightly formed and resting in the middle of the sunbeam.

As I watched I felt like the Lord saying to me, “That is how you are to me, perfectly kept in the middle of my grace, unless you disobey, then you have chosen to step out of my grace and no longer rest in the middle of my favour and receive the consequence of your disobedience.”

Well, then the cloud moved out of the line of the sunbeam and I couldn’t see it and carried on walking around, but, I came back, curious as to where it is now and does it come back into the sunray. (Small things amuse small minds, I know, bear with me).

To my surprise the cloud had not only moved back, it had grown and was in a greater ray of sun than it was before. The Lord said to me, “You see, sometimes my hiding you has nothing to do with consequences either, there are times I hide you for your own good, to grow you, to enlarge your area of influence and make your foundation stronger. Don’t always consider what you’ve done wrong when you are feeling hidden or in a quiet space in time. Spend time with me and ask, what is the reason You, God, and I are in this season, don’t always assume the quiet times are disciplining, the majority of the time they are for growth and studying.”

What can I do in response?

1-Thank God for the seasons in life. Seasons denote change, growth and spiritual self-awareness, seeing ourselves as God sees us.

2-Ask God, what season do You see me in at the moment and what is my best response to this season?

3-Spend time with God daily, this way you will grow through any season quicker than you normally would and He can lead, heal and guide you to your next and you will know you are on the right track.

4-Get a spiritual mentor, that way you’re not left floundering around through one book after another with no progress. They should help keep you grounded, they should help keep you moving forward and always bring you back to relying on Jesus, never themselves.

Have a blessed 2020!