Your Next??

What have you had to let go of, to move into your new season?

I felt God ask me this morning, what if you would let go of the season that’s past and allow me to create and restructure the seasons to come?

Steven had to see and look past the natural, where he was being stoned to death to see into the  eternity, God had waiting for him, to be able, in that moment of agony, torture, pain and death to forgive, the people who were killing him, literally, as he did so God put him to sleep so that he no longer felt this earthly pain, torment, agony and never lived the trauma his aggressors were hoping to inflict on him.

You see, I, like most of us, have very good reason to hang onto and rally around the rights that I lost, the future I should’ve or could’ve had, had things not been stolen from me.

When God is the Master planner of our lives (Ordering our Mayhem)

But today, in the heavenlies I feel God asking me, what if you lay that down and allow me to pick up the pieces and show you how divine reconstruction works? How, when I say, “you are the clay,” you hand me all those losses of rights and denials of potential and cutting off of possibilities and come into the throne room with the pieces in your hand, lay them at my feet and see what happens when the Creator of the place waiting for you with stone roads in-laid with gold, can come and pick up those pieces and He can be the Master potter and place each piece of your mosaic, your tapestry exactly as He sees fit, what would happen if you allow Him to be the Master shaper of your destiny, we know Him to be.

Could it be that all that loss, all that heart ache, all that seeming destruction can in some way be placed as a pathway mosaic of stones for others to tread on that they too may be led to the feet of the Almighty, All-knowing, All-loving, All-kind, All-caring Master who knows the future and can lay bare and make barren those heartaches, take out the sting of the dismay, dis-illusionment, disabling-effect of the enemy’s plans and place instead, in their place, the pathways, the path-stones of destiny, the purpose and calling the Master knew to be there in the first place.

What if?

So, today, Father, as I have been fighting with you for over 10years now, I have finally decided after a long fight, that You are worthy of it all. I will willingly come to Your feet and lay down my rights.

I have the right to be angry over the abuse of neglect, mistrust, lies and deception the enemy has tried to put on my life through many role-players. Over the loss of the life I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve had, had my family not been pillaged.

I have the right to be angry over the sexual and moral abuses that have happened to me via the hands of many role-players, rape, hurt and plain abuse.

I have the right to these all, but today I lay them squarely at your feet, and say Father, these were mine, they’re now Yours, do with them what You will. I choose life.

I choose life from the throne room of grace, I choose life from the altar of the divine calling which You alone placed on my life. I choose life by denying any hold all, or any, of these things have had on me and no longer will have on me, as I am released in power, resurrection power by the blood of the Lamb, by the Almighty Creator who already ordained this day in history for me to be the woman of God He intended me to be. I decree I am FREE INDEED!! God today, I will take You by the word of Your promises which were always true, I regret to confess, I always struggled to believe them because of the broken places I came from, but my God, my God, my God, something has shifted in the heavenlies and I am believing You for this and the full destiny You have for me, today, in Jesus’ Mighty Name!

Like Steven, who had to look to Jesus to take his eyes off the natural to see his next, Father I am taking my eyes off of who I was to see who I am in You, who You have created me to be and, Lord, where You are taking me next. I pray that You would keep my eyes so focused that it would be as though the rest of me had gone to sleep, not seeing or hearing anyone else around me, to be solely focused on You.

Thank You, Almighty God

I love You and thank You that in the last 10years You have taught me that I can trust Your gentle, kind, gentlemanly process. You lead me, when I am able, to move forward, thank You for Your grace!

If this moved you to desire more from a God who frees us, please pray this prayer with me finished already? Please let me know you prayed that prayer, I would love to contact you and send you some more encouraging information and places of worship where you can meet others whose lives are being forever changed and moved towards an eternity of life we can’t imagine, e-mail: chat at