I missed the invitation to ascend

Lord, as I was worshipping tonight, in an intimate place of connecting to Your Holy Glory I felt You saying to me:

“Let me lead you into a new place of redemption, revelation and revival freedom.” As I was worshipping I saw Your feet descending a mountain full of clouds and as I was watching, I kept waiting for You, Lord to come down to me. It only occurred to me as I sat down to write this, perhaps You were waiting for me to ascend with You? Is this true, Lord, were You waiting for me to ascend with You?

Lord, tonight as I was worshipping You showed me that You were removing every shackle of mindsets, emotional past habits, behaviours, thought processes, no matter how small or great, You, Lord, were in the minds of myself, and each of my family members, as I worship in proxy for each of them coming into the intimate presence of the Living God, as they may not be able to do as yet, I do, in proxy for them. God as I do so, in my home, with each of them present, You, Lord are removing the shackles that have kept us from moving forward, You are removing, reviving and re-instating Your mandate on our minds, hearts, souls and strengths. Only You know the hurts, pain, sadness, disappointments and regrets each of us has with life, each other and even with You, Father, making it difficult for us to move forward and connect with others in life, in church, especially, and fellowship openly as we should be able to. God, Almighty, thank You, thank You that You care about our thoughts, emotions, mindsets and future enough to rend the heavens and come and sit and be with us, or better yet, to call us up to come and sit and be with You, in intimacy, knowing all our failures and loving us unconditionally.

This writing is part of a 2 day piece of my relationship with the Lord. This morning, while in the shower, I said, “Lord, I don’t want to get out of this shower, it feels as though outside of this water I am naked, I am exposed and I don’t want everybody to know how I missed Your invitation yesterday.”

God, ever good! said, “You need to feel naked, exposed, ashamed so that others may know, we all feel it and when we feel it what we want to do is hide it, keep it secret that no one else can see, hear, know, I am experiencing real feelings, real emotions, real rawness …
It’s not that we experience it, it’s what, when we experience it, we do with the experience, and how we approach the world, the Lord and others, allowing them to be free to be themselves again … when they feel it, knowing it’s normal, it’s okay, we’ve all been there!”

I asked, “Lord, I missed it yesterday, how, Lord, how do I ascend when You call?”

You merely called me to follow You again, follow You, closely, near to Your feet, Your voice, keeping myself to You, You led me up the side of the mountain on a tiny little path, not easy and not often used but it is the best most peaceful path along paths of righteousness and streams of living water, that if at any time I am unable to continue, You are near at hand, You provide restoration, revival and freedom is non negotiable. I am so free here, there is no sound of distraction or detraction from the world around me.

How, Lord, can I not miss it again, Your invitation:

You start by stopping, asking, listening for the instruction or invitation in this case and in being with me. If you were waiting and listening, you may have asked, what is it Lord, You are asking me to do?

1 – STOP,

Stop, when you see a clear picture, of or from the Lord. Stop, look at the full picture, understand with your heart and mind and spiritually discern the meaning.

Stop, revel and enjoy just being with the Lord in that place of redemption where the Lord is revealing a little more of Himself, His plans and purposes to us, enjoy the being of that time with your heavenly Father.

2 – Ask,

Ask the Living God, what is it You are saying to me, Lord, what is the response, if any, You want from me regarding this picture?

Ask, Lord, God, what is it You are saying or revealing to me in or with this picture?

Ask, if you see or feel something you are not sure of, or unsure of the purpose, meaning or significance of, ask the Lord, His answer usually clarifies more than the question you even asked.

3 – Act, on instruction/invitation.

Act on the Lord’s word, picture or intention. Do what the Lord tells you to with the word. Sometimes for me it is to share it with others, at other times it is to pray into a certain area of the picture.

Act on the instructions of the Lord regarding the picture, sometimes we need to sit quietly and pray or meditate on what the Lord is saying and He will bring clarity on instruction, He will bring clarity on the subject.

But, if you ask me, what I’ve found the Lord wants from me more than anything is to

4 – Be,

Be constantly with Him,

Be constantly listening to Him,

Be constantly drawing near to Him,

Be constantly still in Him and He will reveal all else to you, as you wait on Him.

We are Yours, please help us to draw so near that we never miss the invitation to ascend with You. Thank You, I Love YOU, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Beloved!