Woman of God

Woman, you were created to serve, serve your heavenly Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, but then, after Him, you were created to serve your family, husband first, then children and then, when that is done, the church and outreach to others after that.

Woman, you were created for such a time as this, when in all-selfishness and all-pleasure seeking lusts of the flesh the rest of the world is being drawn in, wooed and brought into the lure of this selfish, flesh seeking life, you woman of God are made to stand out. You are made to show the difference to the world of dying to self and seeking to gain the fulness of the whole family, by fulfilling the role of servant-hearted love, of which Christ alone was the greatest example, you, woman of God are fulfilling the calling you were created for, by assisting the entire unit to function fully.

How do I know this and who do I think I am to be writing this??

I know because, yesterday, I mistakenly told my husband, I am not here to run after him. Now, today, while worshipping and serving God in worship, I came to praying for my family, husband and children. The Lord turned the light on, guys… how can we be so blind. We, wives, if we allow it, hold the key to the success, happiness and full functionality of the family, as a whole. How, how do we keep up with the demands of everyday life, desires and needs of the family and still be a whole person ourselves. I think the secret lies in delicate balance but mostly dying to self.

A very dear friend of mine who moved overseas for a time, said to me on the birth of her 3rd child, she has realised that the success and happiness of the family rests on the mom dying to self. My friend, only today, the revelation you tried to share so many years ago, has become a reality for me!! Thank You Lord that You have opened my eyes to see what You have created me for.

Ladies, how much fuller of a person I will be when I see these family members of mine becoming who God created each of them to be, rather than me striving to fulfil my own selfish desires.

I’m not saying we, moms, ladies, wives, shouldn’t live alone, there are exceptions, we cannot stand in the way of all people everywhere living free and without prejudice and abuse.

What I am saying, is that, if you, like me, feel you are hard done by because you have to pick up after your family, you have to be the one to run after all of them and make sure everything is done on time and put back in place. Let’s be realistic here, we chose to be married, we knew we weren’t perfect when we started out, we knew our husbands weren’t perfect, but we decided to have children and we owe it to them to bring them into the best home we can. We owe it to our husbands to be the best wife we can be, God told us on day one, of human existence, it is not good for man to be alone. Therefore, we are the solution to man’s need for assistance on the earth. All that is good comes from the Father, the mandate of the woman from day one, was to be the assistant to man he needs in every part of his life. So, next time you feel like telling your husband you can’t do that, consider, this is your privilege. There are those who still wish for husbands, those who had husbands not as kind as yours, good, faithful, encouraging and loving. They would choose to put away your husband’s socks, given half the chance.

Come on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels overwhelmed by the fact that I have to run after and pick up for and plan and arrange and re-arrange and re-align, 4 people, to put them on the right track daily. I can’t be the only one who, at times, despises this job. Let’s lift each other’s gaze and remind each other the great and mighty calling it is to be a woman. You, actually, carry the strength, woman of God, you actually are the mast that keeps the whole boat afloat and adrift moving and correcting it in the right direction which God shows you to go. Praying daily, moment by moment, keeping all on track, keeping all covered in the blood and asking the Holy Spirit to be our safety net, collecting and correcting and directing all those ideas, plans, thoughts and emotions are we not there to assist? God give us wisdom and direction for this most impossible job. But God, help us not to give our hearts to the little foxes that seem so true and accurate. That’s right I shouldn’t be the one to pick up after everyone, I shouldn’t have to take care of your every whim, but let us keep our eyes on you, help us to keep each others eyes on You! Your ultimate purpose for us as Your woman, come and bring wisdom, show us to teach our children the necessary and trust You to walk with them every other moment we can’t be there to assist them, let Your Holy Spirit go before them and level the mountains, give them wisdom and discernment to know who to trust and how to judge who and what to trust. God help us to be moms after Your own heart, lifting each other to You, that we may grow in the faith to know this is what we were created to do and be, and we will see the fulfilment of our husband’s full life and our children’s as well and this will be the true reward of our life of sacrifice, and the more we sacrifice, the more this fulfilment will bring joy to us.

As I type this, Lord, I keep thinking how I am going to regret writing this. So, Lord, I am trusting You that I will not regret writing this. Seal me in with You, Almighty God, and may I be a better wife, mom and friend daily, as You lead me. Thank You, Father God, Lord Jesus, and dearest Holy Spirit, thank You, Amen