4th May, 2019 – week before elections

The other morning, I was in a service like I haven’t been in in years! It was a visiting pastor who came to speak at the church we are attending, and he gave some of the most revelatory statements about the bible and the Lord I have heard from a preacher in a long time. Although I must say being in this church has been an amazing time of revelation and breaking off the old and bringing out the new. Thank You Lord for seasons and new seasons, very exciting.

One of the revelations he gave which the Lord, this morning expounded upon for me, was regarding Lazarus coming out of the tomb. He showed us that when Jesus got the word of Lazarus’ illness, he seemingly did nothing, but we forget that He spoke the words that kept Lazarus from death. In the old Hebrew culture, anyone could raise you from the dead within 3 days, but on the fourth day you were considered truly dead. Jesus, knowing this spoke a word of grace to death. He told death that Lazarus would not be given to it. He lined the tomb with the witness of grace prior to Lazarus’ body going into it, in order that on the day of Lazarus’ “death” when he was laid in the tomb, there was a witness of the Living God inside the tomb waiting for Him there to come and speak the words of life, “Lazarus come out” and Lazarus stood up and came out wearing his grave clothes. Wow, what a beautiful picture.

Jesus, effectively put the limit of Lazarus’ illness down in the spiritual prior to his “death” in order that he would arrive in the grave and his spirit would not have the liberty to leave but would wait there with the witness of the Holy Spirit until Jesus returned and gave the next command, LIFE!

This morning while praying for the country, people, family etc as we all do, I was declaring prophetic words over the country which have been declared and prayed over this country for more than 100years as far as we can tell. While having the privilege to do this, knowing that most of the country is praying similarly and simultaneously the Lord showed me something. The prophetic actions and words that were done and spoken, respectively, over this country in the formation of the country, the capitol and it’s people, have formed a foundation, a witness of grace going before all the other horrors which were inflicted on this country and it’s people.

Well, my 2 favourite words…. But God….

God went before any evil, vile, corrupt, greedy, lust-filled man and God paved the way for this country. You see, in that monument that no one has ever contended, that monument that stands in our capitol, that monument you have to enter wearing certain types of clothing only, so as to show respect. Have you noticed no one has ever suggested re-naming the Voortrekker monument or re-purposing it. But what God has His hand on, no man can ever touch, until God gives the go-ahead. In this monument the leaders dedicated this country, and it’s people, back to the Father Himself. So, Father God, took from the foundation of this country, what was then a minority of people and placed them in a place of influence because of their faithfulness to Him. He used them to build this beautiful, ingenious monument to the country, but establishing the country to Him at the same time. So that from that time until now, nothing and no one could take this country out of His ordained hands. He then spoke to the leaders, prophetically and told them the plans and purposes through visions of the country lighting up on fire and spreading that fire throughout the continent and the world respectively and saying clearly, “No longer will they call it deepest darkest Africa, because in the same way that the world sent their missionaries to Africa to speak to them about the gospel and change their lives, South Africa will be sending their missionaries into and out of Africa to reach the rest of the world.’ I know the words well from a vision I had in 2004 where I saw It’s Time Bloemfontein taking place. There have been many such prophecies dating back at least 100years. I can promise you for every prophetic word there were hundreds or thousands or more, praying into that word and the promise it held for the future of our country. It is no coincidence that now, at this poignant time, our country is set to make the most revolutionary transfer of governance the world has ever seen! Peacefully, transforming the lives of each individual in order to change the world. God made a covenant with the leaders of this country, they spoke and committed to the Lord our land and His plans and purposes for it and it’s people. This causes a tie, from then till now, a foundation of grace, not allowing any of the stakeholders of darkness to take hold. Any sacrifice, any agreement, made in the past, present or future will be null and void because God’s witness of grace has already gone before us and as we pray and stand on His promises, we are led to call life into being and God’s witness of grace that went before us ties back up with the foundation of the country when we dedicated the land to Him, and accomplishes His will nullifying all else!

Thank You Lord!

Now on Friday morning, 3rd May, 2019, I came into my study and I couldn’t believe the Lord has given me another picture of my map of South Africa. As I came into my study, I thought, ‘No surely there can’t be another prophetic vision with this map? I can’t think the map is going to be the catalyst of another vision. I felt the Lord saying to me, “Take it off the wall and roll it up,” I thought that’s it, I’m going to put it away once and for all! NO! that is not what the Lord said. Now I’ve got it in my hand all rolled up in one hand, like a spear/javelin and as I’m pray, the Lord is saying to me, “Throw the spear,” I did so, not letting it go, it’s an old fragile map, I don’t want it to break, but I’m throwing the spear, and as I’m praying, throwing and walking I notice that I’m standing in the centre of the room and as I’m throwing the spear, I’m throwing it to all the four corners of the room. I’m reminded of the bible speaking about the four corners of the earth, and I’m thinking, “Oh my word Lord, I’m praying, I’ve got this map in my hand like a spear/javelin throwing it to the four corners of the room. I start laughing, what are you saying Lord?

The Lord would say to you, today, South Africa “Prepare South Africa, roll up yourselves, your belongings, roll up everything you have held dear and allow me to use them and you to accomplish my plans and purposes, no matter how strange or insignificant it may seem to you at the time. It’s time to get ready for anything, it’s time to get ready for anything.” My late Pastor Mannie Perreira used to say, “You must live your life RFA, ready for anything” and the Lord would say to you, “it’s time South Africa to get ready for anything, it’s time to get ready yourselves, to move, to move, the Lord is going to move us throughout the nations of the world, He is going to take South Africans, South Africans that have their hearts pure for Him, South Africans that are on FIRE for Him, South Africans that have been proclaiming the gospel, the good news all along. He is going to throw them/torpedo them, He is going to javelin them, He is going to torpedo them into the next that He has for them, because He can’t wait anymore for this earth to know the good news of Jesus Christ, the earth needs to hear, if they haven’t heard, how can they know, how can they know if they haven’t been told, how can they know if someone hasn’t been, somebody has to go and preach that word, we are the one’s South Africa, we are the ones who are going to go and preach that good news to the four corners of the world to the rest of the earth, count it a privilege, we are going to change the nations. We are bringing the light, we are bringing the FIRE, we are bringing the good news of the gospel, to change lives, to break down darknesses, to break down barriers to break down all areas of our lives, that are not glorifying God. RFA South Africa, get ready for anything! This is your time, this is your time to go out and conquer, conquer the world because that is what the Lord has called us to do.”

“South Africa, you used to think of yourself as poor, or neglected, or isolated, far away from the rest of the world. No longer”, says the Lord, “You are now as you should be, the centre of the earth, the centre of where God is going to work from, God is going to evangelise the world from South Africa. Carry on, carry on praying, carry on fasting, carry on getting yourselves ready, because God is coming, He is knocking, He’s saying, “Let’s go, let’s go, hurry up, get ready, we’re going, we’re going, we’re going!”

 Come on South Africa, we can do this, let’s do this, let’s pick up our socks, let’s go!

I see the Lord standing in the middle of the South African map, as I was standing in the middle of the room, He is standing in the middle of the country, He is standing tall and taking us, each and everyone of us and torpedoing us into our next, He is torpedoing us onto the path and plan He has had for us all along. His plan to advance His kingdom no apologies, no explanations, just moving people to their correct time and place! He’s not uprooting you, He’s is the God who establishes you! Believe Him, trust Him, what seems disruptive and inconvenient now will be for the betterment of your future and the future generations to come. Lean on and trust in Him, as always He knows the bigger plan and purposes for each of us. Now, right now, to us in our circumstances it may seem ironic that the Lord has promised growth and increase and it doesn’t seem that way at the outset, but God, as always, knows the future and our end result. He is manipulating the system as we know it, that in the long run we will know it is Him, He is the one who has taken what was mans broken system, mans broken ideology and He has brought to life His way and His peace and His safe-haven for those who love and fear Him. If you feel at the moment that your life is being disrupted, that you can’t recognise the life you had before, even up to a week ago, know, it is your Heavenly Father, stepping in to help you, further His Kingdom and working for the good of our future generations, simultaneously.

God Bless