Father heart of God is pouring into South Africa!

As I woke up this morning, I heard the words of the Lord so loudly and distinctly saying: “Do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember Me? Do you remember the reason you gave up life as you knew it and took up your cross and followed Me? Do you remember that I am your Father, the only perfect Father there will ever be, and I love you completely?

Then why? Why do you run away when there is a time of urgency, when there is a time of prayer and fasting, when there is a time to seperate yourselves for the nation, why do you run away, why don’t you turn back to me and say I’m sorry for all that I’ve done that has seperated me from You, my sin, please forgive me heavenly Father and turn back to me, wholeheartedly, not in this luke warm fashion of I serve the King when it suits me?

“Do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember South Africa, the voice of the message I sent to you, through my many prophets before the It’s Time event in Pretoria? Do you remember the vision of the sound and the mighty rushing waters flowing from the top of the country down towards the south and it looked like the mighty Victoria Falls had broken open and was flooding the country, do you remember? Do you remember the promises that things would change?

Did you not have the cyclone coming straight for you? Did you not have the floods now, this week?

These are the signs and sounds I spoke of that will move the winds of change into South Africa, now is the time, this is the time of your change. I foretold this to you so that you would know them when they came, so that you would know and see, before you went out before you went out and did any of your works (which I am proud of, which show great faith and humility) before you had done them, though, I had already heard your prayers, seen your hearts and prepared to move change into South Africa. And I mean move, as you prayed on Saturday, 20th April, 2019, I moved, I moved the pillars of the altars of the false gods that have been erected in and over this country, straight into the pit of hell. They have no more power over South Africa, they have no more place and and all of their strongholds have been removed, I said ALL OF THEIR STRONGHOLDS HAVE BEEN REMOVED! As in Mat 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” so it was on Saturday, 20th April, so it will be this Saturday, 27th April, and going forward into the new dispensation of the nation, I will be with you, never will I leave you, never will I foresake you, because you have set yourself apart for me and remained true to my word until the end. As it says in Lev 26:8 “Five of you will chase 100, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you.” As I already told the prophet on 13th April, 2019, you will have no opposition in accomplishing all that I have set out for you to accomplish in and through South Africa, both politically and in advancing my Kingdom, you will be, and currently are, the forceful men and women advancing my Kingdom.”

Before we prayed on Saturday, in fact many years ago, the Lord had prophesied into our nation, many times over, that we would change the world for Him, not could, possibly, or might, but WOULD 100% WILL HAPPEN, change the world for Him! Because, as the Lord said previously, He has saved a remnant of hearts of pure Christian men, women and children unadulterated by the loves of and lusts of the world in South Africa He has raised them up, from all the areas of the country, leaders and lovers of God’s word to do as He commands with no fear or favour of man! What we did on Saturday 20th was a prophetic action of bringing ourselves personally, our country and political parties in line with the word God had already sent out. God’s word cannot return void! God had already ordained it and had already set in place everything needed, we were merely there to say “Yes, Lord, please send us, use us, we are willing to go! Willing to go for You! We want to be the change our country needs!” Let’s GO SOUTH AFRICA! LET’S MARCH! LET’S BE THE LIGHT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN CALLED TO BE! WHAT WE DO IN THESE DAYS, WHAT WE DO IN THIS CRITICAL TIME WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE THE WORLD NEEDS,THEY NEED GOD, WILL YOU AND I BE HIS HANDS AND FEET? Let’s press into Him, understand what role He has for us in this, and go and do and be, this is what we were born for!

There is no coincidence that this prayer meeting, this time of dedicating South Africa to Him has come at His own Passover time, Easter. God’s timing is always perfect, I have observed in my reading life, He’s never coincidentally proportioned an entire nation, He does it on purpose, to accomplish His plan. In Rom 3:25 it says “God presented Him as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in His blood.” And on Saturday, 20th April, it was all about that faith, faith in that precious blood, we were one man, united at the feet of the cross of our beautiful Saviour, what a privilege God Almighty! Thank you, Lord for the privilege of knowing You and having the opportunity to impact the world through Your plans for our country! If you are having any concerns or any reservations about going, please pray, ask the Father, take your cues from Him alone, I emplore you to ask Him, He is changing the world as we know it, do we want to be part of it, under the Name of Jesus, what a privilege!