Saturate Your people Oh God

This morning the Lord showed me a picture of what could be best described as a casualty of war. A man in a war hospital and he had his arm in a bandage, his leg in a cast, a massive bandage covering his eye and his whole head. He was (needless to say) in a very bad way, lying in that hospital bed.

And the Lord said to me, you have been like this casualty of war, you have been fighting for a long time now. But now is the time of my #Saturation. Why Saturation with a capital ‘S’? Because it is a Saturation from God, not merely a saturation like we in the world consider a complete covering, but, like when the Lord first watered the earth, the whole earth was watered from the inside out, supplying complete nourishment to the earth, so the Lord wants to nourish us from the inside out. The Lord wants to do this for us, but we need to make the time to be with Him. He is the only one who can satisfy our souls, He is the only one who can nourish our lives with everlasting nourishment that can even supply our physical bodies with what we need. But we need to allow Him in, into our hearts, thoughts, emotions, plans, we need to set aside time to be intimate with the Lord, not just pray and read our bibles.

The Lord is bringing us to wide open spaces of His freedom, where we feel like we have been drowning, He is going to use those experiences to bring our heads above water and we will start to take in as nourishment that which the enemy wanted to use to destroy us, like Joseph, He will raise us up above the circumstance. The circumstance itself is the test, it’s not something to fear, but overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.. So I want to testify to God’s goodness! He has saved me this week, we had a potentially embarassing situation, but because last year we were obedient to the Lord, in a situation which put my hubby and I totally out of our comfort zone, but we did it. This year the Lord put one of the people involved in last years situation, in charge of the potentially embarassing one for us this year and I can truly testify that the Lord will not allow shame over the people who love Him and obey Him. Our situation was resolved and we were spared the embarassment of it all due to God’s favour and faithfulness.

The Lord is going to take every situation thrown at us meant for our destruction and cause utter ruin and destruction in the enemies camp with it! God is moving, He is turning the tide, everyone who has previously been mistreated for Him, for integrity, for truth, for honesty, commitment, Godly family commitment, Godly dreams and desires, callings and aspirations, those who want to live for what He made you for. You have been under a lot of stress and it feels like you have had all life can give you in the negative and you can’t take another blow? This message is for you. God is on your side, if you are the one who is doing what’s right and getting the raw deal, God is coming to you. He is saying Now! Now! Now! Stand up and take those bandages off! Throw those crutches away! World War was 74years ago! The war went on at least another 2years longer than it should have for American political gain. Do you want to be there, do you still want to be in your hospital bed in 2years time, not having achieved all your Father has for you? I THINK NOT!! You’re over that now. Don’t let the enemy tell you you’re still there. You can still feel the pain when someone touches you on that scar? Yes you can, you’re human, you will feel it at varying degrees of intensity for the rest of your life, but, you can’t live in a hospital bed because you are alive and have skin that has feelings, much less a heart with raw emotions, or you can choose to believe your Heavenly Father, who made you for much more, so much more!

The Lord says get up! Throw away those bed clothes and bandages, because like Lazarus throwing off his bed clothes you are declaring I AM ALIVE(to yourself, the world, but most importantly to your enemy and everything he can throw at you, stand, all you have to do is stand!)! Even though you wanted me dead, I am alive! Even though you wanted me to live broken, I am alive! Like the prophet prophesying to the dry bones, you need to get up and say no more! I am done being broken, I am done being a victim of my past, of my family or whatever it may be that you have bandaged up for so long. Come on! Now’s the time, life’s too short to wait till you feel fine. Now’s the time! Say past you are behind me, regardless of what it is… if it happened yesteday, it’s gone, it doesn’t have the right to predict your tomorrow, ask God to heal it and believe He has done it! I’m not saying it didn’t hurt, we can chat about that and God is the perfect physician of the heart, emotions, mind and memory, I know first hand! Allow Him in, His gentle, perfect Fatherly love, will heal the wounds, hurts and pains of the past. I say that because I see there are levels of pain. We can believe that the Lord will heal the unforgiveness of a partner who dumped us at or before the dance, but do we have the faith to believe that the same perfect Father has the desire and ability to heal us when it was the altar we were left at, the levels of pain and depth of damage and despair are totally different, but the Father is the same perfect Father who can see, feel and heal perfectly for both no matter how small or deep or shallow the hurt, pain and wounds occured, He knows them, knew them and wanted to heal them from the start. How long will we run from His perfect hand of healing, forgiveness and loving-kindness that will determine our tomorrow.

#Allow Him not hurt to determine our tomorrow!