9th February, 2019

Question for South Africa

Do you not know South Africa that I will have my way;

Isaiah 43:13

“Yes, and from ancient days I am He. No one can deliver out of my hand. When I act who can reverse it?”

Do you not know South Africa that when the Lord has decided and decreed and declared a thing it will come to pass and He has decided and decreed and declared from the beginning of time that South Africa’s future will be hope for all nations shining it’s light to Jesus, bringin g deliverance to the nations, starting from here. The Lord has shown me for a week now how He has reserved for Himself a remnant of His people who do life in reality, that keep themselves wound up and bound up in Him, in the things of His Kingdom and His people; reaching unsaved and drawing them in with chords of loving-kindness and overflowing in patience, love and care while the world continues in their dysfunctional disconnect (of living life in snapshots of Instagram pics, facebook moments and coffee shop ‘visits’, what do we really know of each other, when will we come back to knowing one another, living in each others homes, praying about what’s really going on in life?)

The Lord showed me that the same way He parted the mighty waters, holding them back until the exact right second, making perfect and dry ground (meaning they were safe… women, children, elderly, animals and all… God knows every detail) until the very second that each of them was safely planted on the other side of the sea and ensuring that every single remnance of the enemy chasing after them, because every single remnance of the enemy was chasing after them, would be annihalated! He let go, at just the right time, in the right moment, not a moment too soon, not a moment too late, He knows the times, He is the only one who does. Trust Him, rely on Him, listen to Him, allow Him the intimate moments of your time, secret places of your heart, that is where He will start the journey to wholeness, to LIFE. His perfect plans and perfect purpose for your life will be unveiled, revealed as you wait on Him, as you wait in Him, He will reveal the secrets of His Kingdom plans, His Kingdom purposes in and for and through you to reach the hurt and lost and dying world around you. Trust in Him alone!

The Lord showed me, regarding

Isaiah 43:16

“This is what the Lord says – He who made a way through the sea,                             a path through the mighty waters,”

1 -He held back that water to accomplish His will, of carrying His people to the   promise of the promised land He had made to them when Abraham first heard the words of God to pack up and leave. His timing is perfect, His will unknown, yet we can trust and wait knowing it is what will be for our betterment, our good. Rom 8:28; Jer 29:11-12

2 – He held back that water, as He now is withholding His wrath, but again it will only be until the very last second. If you’re coming, now’s the time to jump into His arms, there’s not a second to loose, He Loves you, He cares for you, He spread His holy arms out to prove to you how much He wants you there with Him in His perfect eternity, come with Him won’t you, join Him and help others to know Him, He wants you, He split perfection to know you, know your trials, know your heartache, temptation, loss and feelings of hopelessness, depression, He knows every single one. His own friends betrayed Him, ran out on Him when He needed them most, but God… never ran out on any one of us, He fulfilled His promise of a promised land He has gone ahead to prepare for us and is waiting, no, not just waiting, praying for us to join Him and bring everyone we know along with us!

Will we go? Will we do His will! Call others! Quickly time is running out!! Tell them all they need to know… Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so!

Love and God bless!