Whom shall I fear? Part (1)

8th of January

Having had a long, curly, full head of hair, I decided to make a change and told the hair dresser to do whatever he feels suits my face and closed my eyes and watched…. well… watched…. closed my eyes initially, but then when his razor got stuck because there was too much hair…. (this should have been my cue to quit) I did open my eyes and saw that my hair was falling… ughem… rather rapidly to the floor.

Now with a week of a very short, mostly manly haircut, I have been thinking about what makes me a woman, because, I don’t wear make up anymore, I don’t wear hair anymore and in essence what makes me a woman if I’m not doning the things the woman is expected by this society to don, what is being a lady if it’s not putting on your make up, doing your hair, when all of those things are out of the way what is being a woman and looking feminine in your Godly purpose/role that you were born for? This was my initial thought. Guess I’ll have to think long n hard about this.

My next thought was why is this bothering me so much? When I shut myself in the room and prayed about it I finally realised I have a huge issue about this and asked the Lord to reveal to me what the actual heart issue was and why I felt so strongly about my hair. You have probably guessed it, but I wasn’t completely shocked, when the Lord showed me the huge burden over my head is the fear of man. Well, now I’ve got my work cut out for me, how am I going to solve this one? I guess the same way I heard about it, on my knees.

Issues of rejection, neglect and abuse have left their mark on my mind, heart and soul, but the perfect Lover and Father of my soul will reveal and heal all as He has up until now.

Trust you have similar testimonies of love and healing experiences and would love to pray with you and hear how you overcome these issues, send me a note to chat @ orderingmayhem co za.

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