My Back was Healed

Back Ache

In another post I discussed miracles that have happened to me. Here I want to mention when my back was healed.

We were having a time of prayer and fasting and someone said, is there anyone who has back pain that needs to be healed. We were a small group of people, it was 05:30 in the morning and we came in for a special time of prayer and fasting. I thought nothing of it, really didn’t think they were speaking about me. Then I realised no one else was answering and I was wearing special shoes because of my back ache, it was so bad I couldn’t get through the day without these special shoes. I decided to swallow my pride and admit it was me. When they prayed for me I felt instant relief, but as the day went on and I was at work it started to feel much better, I couldn’t believe it!

I never went back to wearing high heels to work everyday, I never did daily, only on special occasions. Really never wore them again as much as I had as I thought that wouldn’t be wise. But my life really went back to normal, I could run, play sport, I was in no way injured anymore.

These are a few miracles that happened to me, I’d love to hear your experiences.