Your Next??

What have you had to let go of, to move into your new season?

I felt God ask me this morning, what if you would let go of the season that’s past and allow me to create and restructure the seasons to come?

Steven had to see and look past the natural, where he was being stoned to death to see into the  eternity, God had waiting for him, to be able, in that moment of agony, torture, pain and death to forgive, the people who were killing him, literally, as he did so God put him to sleep so that he no longer felt this earthly pain, torment, agony and never lived the trauma his aggressors were hoping to inflict on him.

You see, I, like most of us, have very good reason to hang onto and rally around the rights that I lost, the future I should’ve or could’ve had, had things not been stolen from me.

When God is the Master planner of our lives (Ordering our Mayhem)

inBut today, in the heavenlies I feel God asking me, what if you lay that down and allow me to pick up the pieces and show you how divine reconstruction works? How, when I say, “you are the clay,” you hand me all those losses of rights and denials of potential and cutting off of possibilities and come into the throne room with the pieces in your hand, lay them at my feet and see what happens when the Creator of the place waiting for you with stone roads in-laid with gold, can come and pick up those pieces and He can be the Master potter and place each piece of your mosaic, your tapestry exactly as He sees fit, what would happen if you allow Him to be the Master shaper of your destiny, we know Him to be.

Could it be that all that loss, all that heart ache, all that seeming destruction can in some way be placed as a pathway mosaic of stones for others to tread on that they too may be led to the feet of the Almighty, All-knowing, All-loving, All-kind, All-caring Master who knows the future and can lay bare and make barren those heartaches, take out the sting of the dismay, dis-illusionment, disabling-effect of the enemy’s plans and place instead, in their place, the pathways, the path-stones of destiny, the purpose and calling the Master knew to be there in the first place.

What if?

So, today, Father, as I have been fighting with you for over 10years now, I have finally decided after a long fight, that You are worthy of it all. I will willingly come to Your feet and lay down my rights.

I have the right to be angry over the abuse of neglect, mistrust, lies and deception the enemy has tried to put on my life through many role-players. Over the loss of the life I should’ve, could’ve, would’ve had, had my family not been pillaged.

I have the right to be angry over the sexual and moral abuses that have happened to me via the hands of many role-players, rape, hurt and plain abuse.

I have the right to these all, but today I lay them squarely at your feet, and say Father, these were mine, they’re now Yours, do with them what You will. I choose life.

I choose life from the throne room of grace, I choose life from the altar of the divine calling which You alone placed on my life. I choose life by denying any hold all, or any, of these things have had on me and no longer will have on me, as I am released in power, resurrection power by the blood of the Lamb, by the Almighty Creator who already ordained this day in history for me to be the woman of God He intended me to be. I decree I am FREE INDEED!! God today, I will take You by the word of Your promises which were always true, I regret to confess, I always struggled to believe them because of the broken places I came from, but my God, my God, my God, something has shifted in the heavenlies and I am believing You for this and the full destiny You have for me, today, in Jesus’ Mighty Name!

Like Steven, who had to look to Jesus to take his eyes off the natural to see his next, Father I am taking my eyes off of who I was to see who I am in You, who You have created me to be and, Lord, where You are taking me next. I pray that You would keep my eyes so focused that it would be as though the rest of me had gone to sleep, not seeing or hearing anyone else around me, to be solely focused on You.

Thank You, Almighty God

I love You and thank You that in the last 10years You have taught me that I can trust Your gentle, kind, gentlemanly process. You lead me, when I am able, to move forward, thank You for Your grace!

If this moved you to desire more from a God who frees us, please pray this prayer with me finished already? Please let me know you prayed that prayer, I would love to contact you and send you some more encouraging information and places of worship where you can meet others whose lives are being forever changed and moved towards an eternity of life we can’t imagine, e-mail: chat at

Jesus Mine Elect

Is 42:1 “Behold my servant, whom I uphold; Mine elect, in whom my soul delighteth; I have put my spirit upon Him; He shall bring forth judgment to the gentiles.”

Have we ever stopped to consider Jesus was God’s elect?

Jesus was chosen by God to be the world’s Saviour and in so doing was elected to demote His holy status, deny His Kingly power, right and Kingdom and die the most utterly humiliating , excruciating death, so that the people who denied Him ate the apple, ran away and worshipped false gods made by human hands, would have an everlasting opportunity to forgiveness, eternal life, the greatest gift of which is what we denied in the first place by eating the apple and worshipping false gods. Yet why did He, most holy Awe-inspiring God, agree to this, even though there was the distinct possibility for history to repeat itself?

He values, over all His creation, over all His heavenly counterparts, beside Himself, He values intimacy and personal, truth-filled relationship with us.

How much do we value it, James said faith without action is dead, let’s put our actions into Jesus first, Mat 6:33.

In the presence of my King 11 August, 2019

In the presence of our King we are drawn up to His throne room of grace …

In the presence of our King we are called to a higher calling, called to our ultimate purpose …

In the presence of our King we are called into oneness with the vine to whom we are the branches …

This is how we stay as closely interwoven as the branch…is to the vine.

In the presence of our King all things of the world are drawn away from our hearts and minds …

In the presence of our King our focus solely on Him … Creator of us … the created beings. Knowing our flaws, knowing our weaknesses and temptations, how we fall into them by the desires of our own hearts, yet loving us unconditionally … perfectly … fully …

I don’t deserve this grace …

I don’t deserve His face …

His glory shining down on me … His perfection pouring favour over me … His Love, Love of perfection casting out every fear, every doubt … perfect Love … Loving at all times … especially when I don’t deserve it … He’s Loving me to wholeness.

In the presence of my King I become who my Creator created me to be …

In the presence of my King I become equipped to face the day boldly … as me …

In the presence of my King I become aware of His greatness and that in each of us is a uniqueness placed there by His Hand of Love …

In the presence of my King I become aware that my mistakes are mistakes, yet He empowers me by His Holy Spirit to overcome my downfalls, to be stronger than before, that when I fall my instinct is to call …

Call on the presence of my King …

Lean …

Lean on the presence of my King …

Those times of quiet intimacy in private … the strength of my daily walk in the light

Things I do in the dark, things I do in the night …

They become my strength …

What I do at night …

I use this to ignite …

My days with His holy fire …

His holy fire with the life-giving power of the word …

This may seem absurd …

Yet it is the equation He Himself displayed …

The example He gave when He walked the earth …

What He did in private ignited His public walk …

If the Master did and in His earthly being needed to …

Then how much more me and you????

In the presence of my King …

He reveals … everything …

His words promise of … I have supplied everything …

Everything you need for life and godliness …

In the presence of my King …

Can we really afford to wait …

Can we really wait until we hate …

Our very lives before we submit …

Before we surrender …

Can we really afford to wait, to follow His pure, simple, perfect example?

Can we commit …

Can we commit to a life of surrender, knowing He has all the answers anyway?

Can we really afford not to commit … allowing our lives to be taken up into His presence daily, where equipping, strengthening and understanding grace meet love and perfection …

Can we really afford to miss an opportunity with the One who created everything and can supply us … anything …

Can we afford to wonder about submission, commitment, time to fit it in … when the presence of our King … is at hand …

Will we allow it to slip away …

Will we allow time, the world, pressure, people to continue to be our excuses … or will we commit and obey and … here it is the modern-day word to hate … will we be prepared to submit … will we be prepared to submit our entire lives … our entire thought process … our emotional well-being to the one who created us … He made us … He gave us these desires … when we submit He adds no pressure … when we submit … He takes no joy … when we submit His hand is here to catch and carry us when mistakes are made … even the big ones that are potentially threatening … He catches us and carries us … by His grace … when we submit …

What are we willing to do …

What are we willing to sacrifice …

What are we willing to commit to …

In the scheme of eternity … what are we really asking … that we live our lives to the fullest purpose we are created for by our perfect Creator being, Daddy God … what are we waiting for people?

If 5 minutes, or 15 minutes or 30 minutes with our Creator God, heavenly Father, grace-delivering Holy Spirit, tender-loving Lord Jesus can bring us into right relationship with Him, where submission isn’t our present-day “S” word but a response our hearts take naturally in reaction to the perfect relationship with Him … and eternity, knowing those minutes would have put purpose, meaning, grace, and perfect direction into my life … and I consider eternity … where I meet Him face to face … officially … and He says either … why did you not draw near to me … I do not know you …

Or …

Well done my good and faithful servant … with little you accomplished much …

This is what I live for … my master’s acclaim … no other…

Will you join me?

Isaiah 45: 22-25

“Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other.

By myself have I sworn, my mouth has uttered in all integrity a word that will not be revoked:

‘Before me every knee will bow; by me every tongue will swear. They will say of me, ‘In the Lord alone are righteousness and strength.’”

All who have raged against Him will come to Him and be put to shame.

But in the Lord all the descendants of Israel will be found righteous and will exult.”

This is what I live for:

“At the name of the Lord every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”

I missed the invitation to ascend

Lord, as I was worshipping tonight, in an intimate place of connecting to Your Holy Glory I felt You saying to me:

“Let me lead you into a new place of redemption, revelation and revival freedom.” As I was worshipping I saw Your feet descending a mountain full of clouds and as I was watching, I kept waiting for You, Lord to come down to me. It only occurred to me as I sat down to write this, perhaps You were waiting for me to ascend with You? Is this true, Lord, were You waiting for me to ascend with You?

Lord, tonight as I was worshipping You showed me that You were removing every shackle of mindsets, emotional past habits, behaviours, thought processes, no matter how small or great, You, Lord, were in the minds of myself, and each of my family members, as I worship in proxy for each of them coming into the intimate presence of the Living God, as they may not be able to do as yet, I do, in proxy for them. God as I do so, in my home, with each of them present, You, Lord are removing the shackles that have kept us from moving forward, You are removing, reviving and re-instating Your mandate on our minds, hearts, souls and strengths. Only You know the hurts, pain, sadness, disappointments and regrets each of us has with life, each other and even with You, Father, making it difficult for us to move forward and connect with others in life, in church, especially, and fellowship openly as we should be able to. God, Almighty, thank You, thank You that You care about our thoughts, emotions, mindsets and future enough to rend the heavens and come and sit and be with us, or better yet, to call us up to come and sit and be with You, in intimacy, knowing all our failures and loving us unconditionally.

This writing is part of a 2 day piece of my relationship with the Lord. This morning, while in the shower, I said, “Lord, I don’t want to get out of this shower, it feels as though outside of this water I am naked, I am exposed and I don’t want everybody to know how I missed Your invitation yesterday.”

God, ever good! said, “You need to feel naked, exposed, ashamed so that others may know, we all feel it and when we feel it what we want to do is hide it, keep it secret that no one else can see, hear, know, I am experiencing real feelings, real emotions, real rawness …
It’s not that we experience it, it’s what, when we experience it, we do with the experience, and how we approach the world, the Lord and others, allowing them to be free to be themselves again … when they feel it, knowing it’s normal, it’s okay, we’ve all been there!”

I asked, “Lord, I missed it yesterday, how, Lord, how do I ascend when You call?”

You merely called me to follow You again, follow You, closely, near to Your feet, Your voice, keeping myself to You, You led me up the side of the mountain on a tiny little path, not easy and not often used but it is the best most peaceful path along paths of righteousness and streams of living water, that if at any time I am unable to continue, You are near at hand, You provide restoration, revival and freedom is non negotiable. I am so free here, there is no sound of distraction or detraction from the world around me.

How, Lord, can I not miss it again, Your invitation:

You start by stopping, asking, listening for the instruction or invitation in this case and in being with me. If you were waiting and listening, you may have asked, what is it Lord, You are asking me to do?

1 – STOP,

Stop, when you see a clear picture, of or from the Lord. Stop, look at the full picture, understand with your heart and mind and spiritually discern the meaning.

Stop, revel and enjoy just being with the Lord in that place of redemption where the Lord is revealing a little more of Himself, His plans and purposes to us, enjoy the being of that time with your heavenly Father.

2 – Ask,

Ask the Living God, what is it You are saying to me, Lord, what is the response, if any, You want from me regarding this picture?

Ask, Lord, God, what is it You are saying or revealing to me in or with this picture?

Ask, if you see or feel something you are not sure of, or unsure of the purpose, meaning or significance of, ask the Lord, His answer usually clarifies more than the question you even asked.

3 – Act, on instruction/invitation.

Act on the Lord’s word, picture or intention. Do what the Lord tells you to with the word. Sometimes for me it is to share it with others, at other times it is to pray into a certain area of the picture.

Act on the instructions of the Lord regarding the picture, sometimes we need to sit quietly and pray or meditate on what the Lord is saying and He will bring clarity on instruction, He will bring clarity on the subject.

But, if you ask me, what I’ve found the Lord wants from me more than anything is to

4 – Be,

Be constantly with Him,

Be constantly listening to Him,

Be constantly drawing near to Him,

Be constantly still in Him and He will reveal all else to you, as you wait on Him.

We are Yours, please help us to draw so near that we never miss the invitation to ascend with You. Thank You, I Love YOU, Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Beloved!

Spirit of God is in you!!

This morning as I was worshipping with this song, I felt the Lord lead me to 2 scriptures. This week I’ll share this one and possibly next week the other…

The first one was strange to me, but the Lord has been leading me there quite a bit the last few weeks. It’s very relevant to me as I have been striving and seeking answers to my financial woes in, what seems to be all the ways that seem right to me today, inevitably, sending me on a wild goose chase.

The Lord sent me to Gen 2:3 “And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it He rested from all the work of creating that He had done.” Now in my “action solves problems” mind set, this verse isn’t really saying anything, only that God rested and told us to rest.

Having spent time with the Lord and really been worshipping, the Holy Spirit said, “No, read it again,” and I did. This time I read…

“And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy,” He didn’t have to do anything, because all the action that needed to take place He had already accomplished and now, able to rest knowing all was done, He did so, ready to see, reap and receive the rewards of His hard work already done. You see, when God has already planned and put into place all that needs to be done, we need to teach ourselves to be:

  • still… – why “because I am God” Ps 46:10
  • waiting… why knowing, with an inner knowing that, as our heavenly Father, He will never leave us nor forsake us. Ps 46:10
  • watching… why, because in the watching we can start decreeing and declaring the promises of God as we see them unfolding before us. If we were not watching, we would not perceive the new thing He is doing for us, in us and through us, Is 43
  • knowing… that our Heavenly Father of light will reveal all to us in His good timing. Come on, now, when things around us look dark and dismal, what do we do, where do we go? Cup of coffee and chocolate, coffee, comfort food and comfort friendship… which is worse as our words lead us into destruction instead of decrees and declarations from the heart of God which will go out, change the situation in the spiritual and then the natural, we get stuck in a cycle of self-pity and/or loathing and gossip, which merely destroys all God is working out. Come On!!

Don’t fall tempted to actions that are not yours to take, wasting your time, energy and reputation making plans that are not necessary, rest in the Father, wait on Him, His perfect timing, His perfect plan will bring the right solution, according to Is 43.

Woman of God

Woman, you were created to serve, serve your heavenly Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, but then, after Him, you were created to serve your family, husband first, then children and then, when that is done, the church and outreach to others after that.

Woman, you were created for such a time as this, when in all-selfishness and all-pleasure seeking lusts of the flesh the rest of the world is being drawn in, wooed and brought into the lure of this selfish, flesh seeking life, you woman of God are made to stand out. You are made to show the difference to the world of dying to self and seeking to gain the fulness of the whole family, by fulfilling the role of servant-hearted love, of which Christ alone was the greatest example, you, woman of God are fulfilling the calling you were created for, by assisting the entire unit to function fully.

How do I know this and who do I think I am to be writing this??

I know because, yesterday, I mistakenly told my husband, I am not here to run after him. Now, today, while worshipping and serving God in worship, I came to praying for my family, husband and children. The Lord turned the light on, guys… how can we be so blind. We, wives, if we allow it, hold the key to the success, happiness and full functionality of the family, as a whole. How, how do we keep up with the demands of everyday life, desires and needs of the family and still be a whole person ourselves. I think the secret lies in delicate balance but mostly dying to self.

A very dear friend of mine who moved overseas for a time, said to me on the birth of her 3rd child, she has realised that the success and happiness of the family rests on the mom dying to self. My friend, only today, the revelation you tried to share so many years ago, has become a reality for me!! Thank You Lord that You have opened my eyes to see what You have created me for.

Ladies, how much fuller of a person I will be when I see these family members of mine becoming who God created each of them to be, rather than me striving to fulfil my own selfish desires.

I’m not saying we, moms, ladies, wives, shouldn’t live alone, there are exceptions, we cannot stand in the way of all people everywhere living free and without prejudice and abuse.

What I am saying, is that, if you, like me, feel you are hard done by because you have to pick up after your family, you have to be the one to run after all of them and make sure everything is done on time and put back in place. Let’s be realistic here, we chose to be married, we knew we weren’t perfect when we started out, we knew our husbands weren’t perfect, but we decided to have children and we owe it to them to bring them into the best home we can. We owe it to our husbands to be the best wife we can be, God told us on day one, of human existence, it is not good for man to be alone. Therefore, we are the solution to man’s need for assistance on the earth. All that is good comes from the Father, the mandate of the woman from day one, was to be the assistant to man he needs in every part of his life. So, next time you feel like telling your husband you can’t do that, consider, this is your privilege. There are those who still wish for husbands, those who had husbands not as kind as yours, good, faithful, encouraging and loving. They would choose to put away your husband’s socks, given half the chance.

Come on, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels overwhelmed by the fact that I have to run after and pick up for and plan and arrange and re-arrange and re-align, 4 people, to put them on the right track daily. I can’t be the only one who, at times, despises this job. Let’s lift each other’s gaze and remind each other the great and mighty calling it is to be a woman. You, actually, carry the strength, woman of God, you actually are the mast that keeps the whole boat afloat and adrift moving and correcting it in the right direction which God shows you to go. Praying daily, moment by moment, keeping all on track, keeping all covered in the blood and asking the Holy Spirit to be our safety net, collecting and correcting and directing all those ideas, plans, thoughts and emotions are we not there to assist? God give us wisdom and direction for this most impossible job. But God, help us not to give our hearts to the little foxes that seem so true and accurate. That’s right I shouldn’t be the one to pick up after everyone, I shouldn’t have to take care of your every whim, but let us keep our eyes on you, help us to keep each others eyes on You! Your ultimate purpose for us as Your woman, come and bring wisdom, show us to teach our children the necessary and trust You to walk with them every other moment we can’t be there to assist them, let Your Holy Spirit go before them and level the mountains, give them wisdom and discernment to know who to trust and how to judge who and what to trust. God help us to be moms after Your own heart, lifting each other to You, that we may grow in the faith to know this is what we were created to do and be, and we will see the fulfilment of our husband’s full life and our children’s as well and this will be the true reward of our life of sacrifice, and the more we sacrifice, the more this fulfilment will bring joy to us.

As I type this, Lord, I keep thinking how I am going to regret writing this. So, Lord, I am trusting You that I will not regret writing this. Seal me in with You, Almighty God, and may I be a better wife, mom and friend daily, as You lead me. Thank You, Father God, Lord Jesus, and dearest Holy Spirit, thank You, Amen

4th May, 2019 – week before elections

The other morning, I was in a service like I haven’t been in in years! It was a visiting pastor who came to speak at the church we are attending, and he gave some of the most revelatory statements about the bible and the Lord I have heard from a preacher in a long time. Although I must say being in this church has been an amazing time of revelation and breaking off the old and bringing out the new. Thank You Lord for seasons and new seasons, very exciting.

One of the revelations he gave which the Lord, this morning expounded upon for me, was regarding Lazarus coming out of the tomb. He showed us that when Jesus got the word of Lazarus’ illness, he seemingly did nothing, but we forget that He spoke the words that kept Lazarus from death. In the old Hebrew culture, anyone could raise you from the dead within 3 days, but on the fourth day you were considered truly dead. Jesus, knowing this spoke a word of grace to death. He told death that Lazarus would not be given to it. He lined the tomb with the witness of grace prior to Lazarus’ body going into it, in order that on the day of Lazarus’ “death” when he was laid in the tomb, there was a witness of the Living God inside the tomb waiting for Him there to come and speak the words of life, “Lazarus come out” and Lazarus stood up and came out wearing his grave clothes. Wow, what a beautiful picture.

Jesus, effectively put the limit of Lazarus’ illness down in the spiritual prior to his “death” in order that he would arrive in the grave and his spirit would not have the liberty to leave but would wait there with the witness of the Holy Spirit until Jesus returned and gave the next command, LIFE!

This morning while praying for the country, people, family etc as we all do, I was declaring prophetic words over the country which have been declared and prayed over this country for more than 100years as far as we can tell. While having the privilege to do this, knowing that most of the country is praying similarly and simultaneously the Lord showed me something. The prophetic actions and words that were done and spoken, respectively, over this country in the formation of the country, the capitol and it’s people, have formed a foundation, a witness of grace going before all the other horrors which were inflicted on this country and it’s people.

Well, my 2 favourite words…. But God….

God went before any evil, vile, corrupt, greedy, lust-filled man and God paved the way for this country. You see, in that monument that no one has ever contended, that monument that stands in our capitol, that monument you have to enter wearing certain types of clothing only, so as to show respect. Have you noticed no one has ever suggested re-naming the Voortrekker monument or re-purposing it. But what God has His hand on, no man can ever touch, until God gives the go-ahead. In this monument the leaders dedicated this country, and it’s people, back to the Father Himself. So, Father God, took from the foundation of this country, what was then a minority of people and placed them in a place of influence because of their faithfulness to Him. He used them to build this beautiful, ingenious monument to the country, but establishing the country to Him at the same time. So that from that time until now, nothing and no one could take this country out of His ordained hands. He then spoke to the leaders, prophetically and told them the plans and purposes through visions of the country lighting up on fire and spreading that fire throughout the continent and the world respectively and saying clearly, “No longer will they call it deepest darkest Africa, because in the same way that the world sent their missionaries to Africa to speak to them about the gospel and change their lives, South Africa will be sending their missionaries into and out of Africa to reach the rest of the world.’ I know the words well from a vision I had in 2004 where I saw It’s Time Bloemfontein taking place. There have been many such prophecies dating back at least 100years. I can promise you for every prophetic word there were hundreds or thousands or more, praying into that word and the promise it held for the future of our country. It is no coincidence that now, at this poignant time, our country is set to make the most revolutionary transfer of governance the world has ever seen! Peacefully, transforming the lives of each individual in order to change the world. God made a covenant with the leaders of this country, they spoke and committed to the Lord our land and His plans and purposes for it and it’s people. This causes a tie, from then till now, a foundation of grace, not allowing any of the stakeholders of darkness to take hold. Any sacrifice, any agreement, made in the past, present or future will be null and void because God’s witness of grace has already gone before us and as we pray and stand on His promises, we are led to call life into being and God’s witness of grace that went before us ties back up with the foundation of the country when we dedicated the land to Him, and accomplishes His will nullifying all else!

Thank You Lord!

Now on Friday morning, 3rd May, 2019, I came into my study and I couldn’t believe the Lord has given me another picture of my map of South Africa. As I came into my study, I thought, ‘No surely there can’t be another prophetic vision with this map? I can’t think the map is going to be the catalyst of another vision. I felt the Lord saying to me, “Take it off the wall and roll it up,” I thought that’s it, I’m going to put it away once and for all! NO! that is not what the Lord said. Now I’ve got it in my hand all rolled up in one hand, like a spear/javelin and as I’m pray, the Lord is saying to me, “Throw the spear,” I did so, not letting it go, it’s an old fragile map, I don’t want it to break, but I’m throwing the spear, and as I’m praying, throwing and walking I notice that I’m standing in the centre of the room and as I’m throwing the spear, I’m throwing it to all the four corners of the room. I’m reminded of the bible speaking about the four corners of the earth, and I’m thinking, “Oh my word Lord, I’m praying, I’ve got this map in my hand like a spear/javelin throwing it to the four corners of the room. I start laughing, what are you saying Lord?

The Lord would say to you, today, South Africa “Prepare South Africa, roll up yourselves, your belongings, roll up everything you have held dear and allow me to use them and you to accomplish my plans and purposes, no matter how strange or insignificant it may seem to you at the time. It’s time to get ready for anything, it’s time to get ready for anything.” My late Pastor Mannie Perreira used to say, “You must live your life RFA, ready for anything” and the Lord would say to you, “it’s time South Africa to get ready for anything, it’s time to get ready yourselves, to move, to move, the Lord is going to move us throughout the nations of the world, He is going to take South Africans, South Africans that have their hearts pure for Him, South Africans that are on FIRE for Him, South Africans that have been proclaiming the gospel, the good news all along. He is going to throw them/torpedo them, He is going to javelin them, He is going to torpedo them into the next that He has for them, because He can’t wait anymore for this earth to know the good news of Jesus Christ, the earth needs to hear, if they haven’t heard, how can they know, how can they know if they haven’t been told, how can they know if someone hasn’t been, somebody has to go and preach that word, we are the one’s South Africa, we are the ones who are going to go and preach that good news to the four corners of the world to the rest of the earth, count it a privilege, we are going to change the nations. We are bringing the light, we are bringing the FIRE, we are bringing the good news of the gospel, to change lives, to break down darknesses, to break down barriers to break down all areas of our lives, that are not glorifying God. RFA South Africa, get ready for anything! This is your time, this is your time to go out and conquer, conquer the world because that is what the Lord has called us to do.”

“South Africa, you used to think of yourself as poor, or neglected, or isolated, far away from the rest of the world. No longer”, says the Lord, “You are now as you should be, the centre of the earth, the centre of where God is going to work from, God is going to evangelise the world from South Africa. Carry on, carry on praying, carry on fasting, carry on getting yourselves ready, because God is coming, He is knocking, He’s saying, “Let’s go, let’s go, hurry up, get ready, we’re going, we’re going, we’re going!”

 Come on South Africa, we can do this, let’s do this, let’s pick up our socks, let’s go!

I see the Lord standing in the middle of the South African map, as I was standing in the middle of the room, He is standing in the middle of the country, He is standing tall and taking us, each and everyone of us and torpedoing us into our next, He is torpedoing us onto the path and plan He has had for us all along. His plan to advance His kingdom no apologies, no explanations, just moving people to their correct time and place! He’s not uprooting you, He’s is the God who establishes you! Believe Him, trust Him, what seems disruptive and inconvenient now will be for the betterment of your future and the future generations to come. Lean on and trust in Him, as always He knows the bigger plan and purposes for each of us. Now, right now, to us in our circumstances it may seem ironic that the Lord has promised growth and increase and it doesn’t seem that way at the outset, but God, as always, knows the future and our end result. He is manipulating the system as we know it, that in the long run we will know it is Him, He is the one who has taken what was mans broken system, mans broken ideology and He has brought to life His way and His peace and His safe-haven for those who love and fear Him. If you feel at the moment that your life is being disrupted, that you can’t recognise the life you had before, even up to a week ago, know, it is your Heavenly Father, stepping in to help you, further His Kingdom and working for the good of our future generations, simultaneously.

God Bless

Father heart of God is pouring into South Africa!

As I woke up this morning, I heard the words of the Lord so loudly and distinctly saying: “Do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember Me? Do you remember the reason you gave up life as you knew it and took up your cross and followed Me? Do you remember that I am your Father, the only perfect Father there will ever be, and I love you completely?

Then why? Why do you run away when there is a time of urgency, when there is a time of prayer and fasting, when there is a time to seperate yourselves for the nation, why do you run away, why don’t you turn back to me and say I’m sorry for all that I’ve done that has seperated me from You, my sin, please forgive me heavenly Father and turn back to me, wholeheartedly, not in this luke warm fashion of I serve the King when it suits me?

“Do you remember? Do you remember? Do you remember South Africa, the voice of the message I sent to you, through my many prophets before the It’s Time event in Pretoria? Do you remember the vision of the sound and the mighty rushing waters flowing from the top of the country down towards the south and it looked like the mighty Victoria Falls had broken open and was flooding the country, do you remember? Do you remember the promises that things would change?

Did you not have the cyclone coming straight for you? Did you not have the floods now, this week?

These are the signs and sounds I spoke of that will move the winds of change into South Africa, now is the time, this is the time of your change. I foretold this to you so that you would know them when they came, so that you would know and see, before you went out before you went out and did any of your works (which I am proud of, which show great faith and humility) before you had done them, though, I had already heard your prayers, seen your hearts and prepared to move change into South Africa. And I mean move, as you prayed on Saturday, 20th April, 2019, I moved, I moved the pillars of the altars of the false gods that have been erected in and over this country, straight into the pit of hell. They have no more power over South Africa, they have no more place and and all of their strongholds have been removed, I said ALL OF THEIR STRONGHOLDS HAVE BEEN REMOVED! As in Mat 18:20 “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.” so it was on Saturday, 20th April, so it will be this Saturday, 27th April, and going forward into the new dispensation of the nation, I will be with you, never will I leave you, never will I foresake you, because you have set yourself apart for me and remained true to my word until the end. As it says in Lev 26:8 “Five of you will chase 100, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you.” As I already told the prophet on 13th April, 2019, you will have no opposition in accomplishing all that I have set out for you to accomplish in and through South Africa, both politically and in advancing my Kingdom, you will be, and currently are, the forceful men and women advancing my Kingdom.”

Before we prayed on Saturday, in fact many years ago, the Lord had prophesied into our nation, many times over, that we would change the world for Him, not could, possibly, or might, but WOULD 100% WILL HAPPEN, change the world for Him! Because, as the Lord said previously, He has saved a remnant of hearts of pure Christian men, women and children unadulterated by the loves of and lusts of the world in South Africa He has raised them up, from all the areas of the country, leaders and lovers of God’s word to do as He commands with no fear or favour of man! What we did on Saturday 20th was a prophetic action of bringing ourselves personally, our country and political parties in line with the word God had already sent out. God’s word cannot return void! God had already ordained it and had already set in place everything needed, we were merely there to say “Yes, Lord, please send us, use us, we are willing to go! Willing to go for You! We want to be the change our country needs!” Let’s GO SOUTH AFRICA! LET’S MARCH! LET’S BE THE LIGHT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN CALLED TO BE! WHAT WE DO IN THESE DAYS, WHAT WE DO IN THIS CRITICAL TIME WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE THE WORLD NEEDS,THEY NEED GOD, WILL YOU AND I BE HIS HANDS AND FEET? Let’s press into Him, understand what role He has for us in this, and go and do and be, this is what we were born for!

There is no coincidence that this prayer meeting, this time of dedicating South Africa to Him has come at His own Passover time, Easter. God’s timing is always perfect, I have observed in my reading life, He’s never coincidentally proportioned an entire nation, He does it on purpose, to accomplish His plan. In Rom 3:25 it says “God presented Him as a sacrifice of atonement, through faith in His blood.” And on Saturday, 20th April, it was all about that faith, faith in that precious blood, we were one man, united at the feet of the cross of our beautiful Saviour, what a privilege God Almighty! Thank you, Lord for the privilege of knowing You and having the opportunity to impact the world through Your plans for our country! If you are having any concerns or any reservations about going, please pray, ask the Father, take your cues from Him alone, I emplore you to ask Him, He is changing the world as we know it, do we want to be part of it, under the Name of Jesus, what a privilege!

Vision 13 April 2019, YOUR KING IS CALLING YOU

Today I put my map of Africa back up on the wall. I was so overwhelmed by the previous vision the Lord gave me when hanging my map, at the time of It’s Time, Pretoria, I left it off the wall. Today, as I put my map up I saw my shadow looming large over it and the Lord said to me: “This is how I am standing over South Africa now, right now, I am looking down on you all and I am seeing you, each and everyone of you, who are calling out to me. I see you, your efforts, are not now, nor will they ever be, or have been, in vain. But now, now I am counting you, counting your efforts, counting your messages, counting your minutes and putting them altogether and remember where 1 puts 1000 to flight, 2 put 10 000 to flight, just imagine, just know, that when those prayer bowls are full in the heavenlies, oh when those prayer bowls are full and they start to tip, you will not know yourselves, you will not know your country, and even your countrymen you previously despised, or were not able to deal with amicably, there will be no opposition to you, as my will is carried out. You will have no opposition as I position my leaders and governments as you have requested, in this time of need South Africa, only don’t forget me. Don’t be like Israel and Judah of old who got what they wanted in the form of salvation from enemy oppression and then just as quickly turned back to their idol gods and worshipping and intermarrying.

I believe you will not be like them South Africa, you are loyal and bold. I have set you apart South Africa. I have kept you as a pure and peculiar people that a remnant of pure and true Christian hearts, minds and souls would come from you to change the world around you. One remnant that is strong, pure of heart, unadulterated by the world and pleasures taking over the world. You, South Africa, are my chosen nation and now is the time to stand up and be counted and live out the full purpose I have for each one of you. Don’t look to the leaders and think I can’t do what he’s doing. I have called and annointed and equipped you to do what you were purposed to do. Go and do my will. You will know what and how in the going. I will lead you and direct you, you need only follow. Get up South Africa, don’t wait for someone else to go, and be, and make the change, go, be, make the change in your everyday interactions with every person around you! Now’s the time South Africa.

You had It’s time, the call to the country to full repentance and turning their gaze to me with prayer and sincerity, but now, South Africa, now is the time to go, do and be the difference I have made you to be, firstly to your nation, your fellow countrymen and women, doing good, showing love and compassion for your fellow man, but it won’t stay here as I, the Lord, have told my many prophets over the years, you will change the world for me, preparing them for the 2nd coming of the King, your King, pure and unadulterated hearts,

‘Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’ Mat 28:18-20 NIV


I love South Africa, God has a great call for our country, will we go for Him? Yes, I will Lord!

We serve the one who created the wind

Thinking back it’s amazing that we went to sleep at all, I can only think my mother and father must have been praying for us at that time. My Aunt had been looking after us for 2 weeks while my folks were away on an incentive business trip my Dad had won. They were on their way back that night, we knew that much, it was 8pm news and then off to bed, excited to see my folks after a long time away. Only… the news said that the last SAA flight out of Mauritius tonight, the Helderberg… didn’t make it, the news reporter read, so matter of factly:

“a Boeing 747 Combi named Helderberg, experienced a catastrophic in-flight fire in the cargo area, broke-up in mid-air, and crashed into the Indian Ocean east of Mauritius, killing all 159 people on board.” I think all I heard was catastrophic and my head started to spin, I was only in primary school, but these plane crashes weren’t common and when you heard them immediately announce catastrophic, there was no hope.

Firstly, in our household of 6 silence was a rare commodity… not tonight… stunned silence fell over our home, hearts and minds. My Aunt was amazing, because she routinely put us in bed and we went to sleep… still not knowing…

When we woke up in the morning, no, it had not been a mistake, that flight had gone down, my parents though they had to turn their plane back. They had been on the next flight out, their engine’s had caught alight but the pilot, aware of the previous disaster had instantly turned back. My folks were late, but they were safe. Relief, that part of the heart that had been holding it’s breathe for 12hours was now breathing and with excitement again! My parents were coming home.

When they returned my mother told us that even with her tremendous fear of heights she was not afraid. She said just as they were taking off the Lord showed her that without His angels carrying the wings of the plane they wouldn’t be able to take to the air at all. She literally saw the angel carrying the plane… moments later… she would need that same confirmation as the pilot called everyone to their seats and informed them of the need to return. Passengers all over the plane asked my folks to pray, what an opportunity for our King to have His way!

You see, we serve the one who creates the wind, Amos 4:13

‘He who forms the mountains, who creates the wind, and who reveals His thoughts to mankind, who turns dawn to darkness , and treads on the heights of the earth – the Lord Almighty is His Name.’ – Amos 4:13 NIV

We serve the God who “walks on the wings of the wind” Ps 104:3 KJV

You see my parents instilled such a deep knowing and trust in our Living God and that ‘the angels of the Lord are encamped around those fear him, and He delivers them.’ Ps 34:7 NIV This I think was part of ‘the peace of God, that surpasses all understanding’ that night that carried us through to the morning when we had news of my parents safe return.

Let’s pray:

Father, I pray in Your heavenly Name, abundance and provision, that You would give us the wisdom and discretion to teach and lead our little ones in service and constant trust in You. For You, Father God, hold the earth in the palm of Your hand, You sit on the circle of the earth, You created the wind and most of all ‘You give breathe unto Your people’ according to Is 42:5 and ‘You give strength and power to Your people.’ according to Ps 68:35. We pray You give us these, Father God, to teach and lead our children to build their faith in and through and on You, the rock of our salvation. Thank You Lord, God, Amen